By: Tyler Scanlon and Kamren Johnson


China is located in southeast Asia. The Chinese settled near the Huang He river. They were surrounded by deserts and mountains. This caused them to be isolated from other civilizations.


The floods were very destructive and hard to control. They couldn't make well built irrigation systems because of flooding. Over time, the people realized that they had to leave.

Written Language

Written in China was created the keep records of trades. People in China wrote in pictographs and ideographs. The people of China did not have a specific material for writing on.


China was ruled by a system called dynasties. Dynasties are series of rulers of the same family. The rulers they had were called Kings and Queens. The king had no nobles helping him.


China created a system of roads that they could use for trading long distances and traveling. They also made statues and epics.


The main religion in China was Confucianism. The founder of Confucianism was Kung Fu-Tzu. It is an ethical code dealing with the moral character of individuals, socially, in government. The most important principles deal with the ideal standard of conduct. They are parent-child, husband-wife, elder sibling-younger sibling, elder friend-younger friend, ruler-subject. This religion is a philosophy.


China also had created a religion called Taoism. The founder was Lao-Tse. He believed in harmony. So, the government didn't need as much power Taoism is also a philosophy like Confucianism.