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Prayer Requests Aug. 25, 2013

  • Emily- I need to let go of my need to be in control of Chris
  • Ed- priorities with the start of new school year
  • Keith- unspoken
  • Janet- adjustment to new schedule; accomplish school work well
  • Carman- unspoken;
  • Kim- new job search; Kent is sick with chest congestion
  • Brian and Xan- challenges and tests
  • Melissa- Chris Trowbridge and family need to sell house; adjusting to new school year teachers and students
  • Ed- Brooke surgery on mouth Wednesday. Maybe infection from original surgery

Notes From Today's Lesson (my version...feel free to disagree or correct me)

Doesn't God know our every text message, Facebook post, thought? What if we each knew each others thoughts?

Psalm 139

God knows everything about us and still likes me. We feel like we must keep secrets because we don't want others to know about "that."

Omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence

How can God know everything about me and still love me, and desire to have a relationship with me?

God has the perfect solution for everything and anything that is wrong in our lives......Christ. His desire is not to bust us for it.....His desire is to clean it up.

Gods motivation are for our good.

Matthew 19.

We can see someone's power by what they DO and by what they DON'T do.

God CAN make us do it...or He can let us CHOOSE to do it.

Do we really want all of us to get what we deserve? Why do we resist a God that does not give us what we deserve? He may ask us to do something that others will not understand. Do we show Jesus to each other?

Why do our driving habits/attitudes come up envy Sunday? :)

Next Week's Lesson (Let Doug know what you think of the new information.)


Calendar of Events

  • September 1 - Refresh tailgate picnic NO SUNDAY SCHOOL service at 10:00
  • Sept. 25-29 Impact Conference
  • My Hope training September 8 5 pm
  • Dec. 14 Soup Kitchen

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