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Madras Middle School: Lorraine Johnson, Principal

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Transitioning to a Hybrid Model of Learning

In one more week, beginning September 8th, students who are face-to-face learners will begin transitioning back to school in a hybrid model to allow for greater distancing. We've included the safety measures and other important information in this edition of Eagles Notes.

A dashboard of current class size averages will stay posted on the front page of our website. Keep in mind that the current numbers you see are averages and are subject to change as parents enroll or withdraw students from the Empower option. We have some hybrid classes with numbers as high as 17 while others are in the 8-14 range.

Whether students are at school or at home (Empower or Hybrid), they will continue to log in to the same classes with the same teachers via Google Meets. (Master Schedule) A little further below you will see the schedule broken down by individual grade level. If at any point circumstances would prevent us from learning from school temporarily, we will use the 100% virtual schedule. We are leaving both schedules posted for your convenience. You can read more about the learning options below.

We thank you for your patience as our staff has been working hard and around the clock to learn new technology, manage new challenges that technology and learning from home may bring, and to continue to provide challenging and engaging instruction for your students. We know you as parents are also working as hard as you can - trying to help your kiddos learn in a home environment while balancing work and navigating tech issues yourselves - and we are SO very grateful for you! Grace, flexibility, safety, and two-way communication are needed as we all lean on each other for support and team work.

We know we'll get through this together, and there will be positive outcomes from this crisis. The pandemic does not change our mission. It does not change our commitment, and it doesn't change our relationships. Our teachers have already seen how positive our students have been, supporting and encouraging their peers online. They've been able to develop positive relationships already and have noticed that some students have shared that they're more comfortable contributing online. Our parents have been nothing short of amazing! So many have offered support and understanding, and we are eternally grateful! Together Eagles RISE as ONE!

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Empower (Learning at Home)

As we move to the hybrid model September 8th, families who chose Empower (name given for Coweta online learning) will continue to receive instruction from the same teachers. Their teams and teachers will not change.

The same virtual learning format will continue for all online learners during their week at home; however, the times of the live meetings are adjusted slightly to mirror arrival/dismissal times at school since instruction now includes both students in classes at Madras along with students from home. The adjusted times continue to give online learners 10 minute breaks between classes while students at school are transitioning to their next class and taking mask breaks when applicable.

Students will continue to login to each class for instruction via Google Meet, will be given time to work independently, and will have an opportunity to follow up with their teachers to ask questions or to receive additional help.

To allow families flexibility, instructional sessions are recorded for students to review later if they are unable to attend their Google Meet at the scheduled time. There are no penalties or points deducted for not attending a Google Meet; however, it’s the student’s responsibility to attend or view all sessions, to complete assignments in a timely manner, and to follow up with teachers for help as needed. Teachers will continue to communicate progress to parents along the way through Parent Portal, phone conferences and email, and parents should reach out to teachers, counselors, administrators, or support staff at any time for assistance.

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Hybrid (Some learners at home; some at school on a weekly rotation)

For our face-to-face learners, we are beginning to return to school on September 8th using a hybrid model (meaning some of our face-to-face learners will learn at school one week and from home the next, rotating every other week). This allows for greater distancing in classrooms.

Half of our students (divided by last names beginning A-K) can return for in-person learning September 8th, and the other half (last names beginning L-Z) can return the following week, on Monday, September 14th. The rotation schedule will be posted on our school’s calendar each week (located on our website).

Students who live in the same household but have different last names that place them in separate cohorts will have the opportunity to be moved to the same cohort. If this affects both a middle and high school student in your household, parents should contact their child’s high school principal to request the change. If it affects two students in your household at Madras, contact assistant principal, Marius Truitt at marius.truitt@cowetaschools.net. At this time, no other changes to cohorts may be made. Students must attend in-person learning during their assigned week.

When returning to Madras for in-person learning, all online learners will continue to follow their schedules during their week at home; however, the times of the live meetings are adjusted slightly to mirror arrival/dismissal times at school since instruction now includes both students in classes at Madras along with students from home. The adjusted times continue to give online learners 10 minute breaks between classes while students at school are transitioning to their next class and taking mask breaks when applicable.

When at home, students will continue to login to each class for instruction via Google Meet, will be given time to work independently, and will have an opportunity to follow up with their teachers to ask questions or to receive additional help.

To allow families flexibility, instructional sessions are recorded for students to review later if they are unable to attend their Google Meet at the scheduled time. There are no penalties or points deducted for not attending a Google Meet; however, it’s the student’s responsibility to attend or view all sessions, to complete assignments in a timely manner, and to follow up with teachers for help as needed. Teachers will continue to communicate progress to parents along the way through Parent Portal, phone conferences and email, and parents should reach out to teachers, counselors, administrators, or support staff at any time for assistance.

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Schedules When the School is 100% Virtual (All at Home)

Schedule for All ( Hybrid or Empower) Beginning Sept. 8th

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Online Learning Tips for Parents

Navigating the new world of online learning has provided both positive outcomes as well as a few challenges at times. The following are tips that can help. Don't forget you have an army of support at Madras, and we encourage you to reach out to a teacher, counselor, or administrator early if your child is experiencing difficulties.

Online Learning Tips for Parents

  1. Reduce distractions. Homes can have a lot of distractions that can make it difficult for kids to stay focused. Make a list of things that may possibly distract your child, such as video games, computer games, social media, TV, pets, etc. Try to find ways to limit these distractions during learning time.
  2. Create a learning space for your child. If possible, set up a quiet, clutter free space for your child. For example if the kitchen table is used, remove all dishes, salt and pepper shakers, and other kitchen items when your child is in a Google Meet or is working on assignments. Reducing clutter can help kids focus. When it’s time to eat, put away the school supplies and use it again as a kitchen table.
  3. Review Madras Online Expectations with your child. Teachers have expectations in online classrooms just as they would when at school. These expectations have been reviewed with students in every class. Please let your child know the importance of respect, integrity, safety, and empathy (Madras core values) when interacting with others and completing assignments.
  4. Remember the Mic and Video are Live: Remember that when students' mics and video are on, they can pick up peripheral voices, sounds, and action close by, including other conversations. Also, if two or more students are in close proximity during a Google Meet, it may be difficult to hear clearly, and the sound coming from both computers may create feedback in the other classes. When possible, students should consider using earbuds to eliminate this problem, particularly when they can't be in a room completely free from noise.
  5. Make a schedule and stick to it. We're all creatures of habit. With no set schedule or school bell to mark kids tardy, students may find it tempting to sleep in and may not get around to completing assignments, which will cause them to fall behind quickly. Finding time for learning requires planning. Take a look at your family’s schedule and figure out the preferred times for learning. It's best if students can follow the schedule and log in live with their classes each day. Ensuring your child wakes up, eats breakfast, and is ready for the first class will set the expectation that learning is important. When this is not possible, create a schedule that will help your child stay on track (watching the recorded videos, completing activities or assignments, and checking in with teachers daily).
  6. Encourage exercise breaks and mental breaks: Learning from home requires frequent short mental and physical breaks. Classes are designed to have approximately 20 minutes of live instruction, time to work independently, time to have questions answered or clarified with breaks in between classes. Exercise and movement can help us think better. When we move, our problem-solving, memory, and attention improve. It can also reduce stress and prevent anxiety. Make sure your child has time between screen time to take the breaks needed to be productive and focused.
  7. Let your child do his/her own work. When reviewing expectations with students earlier, we stressed the importance of integrity - including doing their own work and avoiding copying/pasting from other sources. While it may be tempting to help your child by giving answers or working out a math problem, it's important that students be allowed to complete assignments on their own. It's okay to make mistakes, because that's how they learn. Learning is a process, and students are given multiple opportunities to explore new concepts and standards. Teachers need to see where students are struggling in order to provide appropriate next steps for understanding.
  8. Help your child stay on top of deadlines: It’s important to set up systems to help your child stay on top of school deadlines. This helps your child stay organized. One idea that can help is to post a calendar and mark it with due dates. Help your child plan backwards from the due dates. Some students benefit from using visual organizers to break assignments down into smaller steps along with specific strategies needed to complete each one. (Two helpful articles about breaking down assignments and chunking writing assignments. If your child needs additional help with organization, reach out to your child's teachers or to our counselors, Kara Mawdesley or Caroline Rothschild.
  9. Contact teachers or Madras support staff if your child is struggling or if you need assistance. Our staff is happy to help, but we respectfully ask that you contact teachers via email or phone call rather than discussing a question or issue during a Google Meet class session. We have to protect confidentiality of all students in both our virtual and physical classrooms and ask that parents not participate in these classes with their child and other students in the room.
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Health and Safety Precautions to Help Us Protect the Nest

For our face-to-face students the following health and safety guidelines are in place to keep our Eagles, both students and staff, as safe and healthy as possible. We appreciate your assistance in helping us prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 in our schools so we can return to face to face learning.

Health and Wellness

  • Temperature screenings for all students upon arrival
  • Water fountains closed; students are encouraged to bring water bottles (filled with water) from home. Water filling stations are being installed in the schools.
  • Signage throughout the school reminding students of safety protocols
  • Increased hygiene education for staff and students
  • Trained school nurse (with procedures to deal with COVID symptoms)

Sanitizing Procedures

  • Frequent opportunities for hand washing
  • Frequent classroom cleaning
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the school
  • Additional cleaning supplies provided for classrooms and school

Physical Distancing

  • Reduced class sizes through hybrid model of learning
  • Markings and directional signs in hallways and restrooms (to assist with distancing)
  • Eat with class
  • Staggered transitions
  • Connections rotation daily (to reduce transitions and allow for time to clean supplies between classes)
  • Transportation app to assist with car rider pick up (Read details here).

Face Coverings (required in CCSS schools and facilities where physical distancing is not possible)

  • Face Coverings ON: in hallways and transitions, in restrooms, on buses, in classrooms and locations when distancing 6 feet is not possible
  • Face Coverings OFF: while eating, outside if 6 feet apart, during physical exertion such as PE, in classrooms where 6 feet distancing is possible
  • Breaks: Breaks for students to remove coverings will be given throughout the day as applicable.
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Media Notes

Karen Pitts, Media Specialist

Welcome back to the Library Media Center at Madras Middle School! I'm Mrs. Karen Pitts, the Library Media Specialist. We are so excited to begin our year with your students. We hope that you will visit our Library Media Center website and stay abreast of all the opportunities and activities this year. We have posted a video on the main page of our website to show students how to log in to Destiny Discover and search for and check out an ebook. We have also placed an order for more ebooks, so look out for many more titles to be added soon! Please encourage your student to watch the video and try logging into Destiny. Also, the Coweta County Public Library has an abundance of resources that your student can benefit from as well. Visit the public library website and obtain a library card for your student. Then, they can have access to a lot of ebooks and other resources there as well.

Additionally, please remind your student if they participated in our Summer Reading Program digital choice board to send their completed items to Mrs. Karen Pitts. If you need additional information, please check out our website.

We are looking forward to a great year in the Library Media Center! Please follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates. Thank you for your support of literacy at Madras Middle School!

Website: madrasreadingeagles.weebly.com

Instagram: @madrasreadingeagles

Twitter: @madrasreadingea

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Arrival and Dismissal

  • No student should arrive on campus before 7:30 a.m.
  • Students arriving by car or bus will be screened for temperature checks.
  • Students arriving before 8:00 a.m. will report to the gym (and will be physically distanced) until they are told to report to homeroom at 8:00 a.m. (Students who would like to eat breakfast will report the cafeteria.)
  • Students who are not bus riders are encouraged to report to school after 8:00 a.m. and report directly to their homerooms.
  • All students should be in homeroom by 8:15.
  • Students may not remain at school after scheduled dismissal time unless they have prior approval from a staff member who will supervise them or unless they are a member of a club, athletic team, etc. sponsored by the school.
  • Supervision will only be provided from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day.

Car Riders

  • Car rider drop-off and pick-up will be behind the school where students are picked up from athletic events (at the football field).

  • Parents should turn onto Frank Cook Road (first left past the school if coming down Edgeworth from highway 29).

  • Take the first left off Frank Cook from Edgeworth, and pass the bus loading loop and parking lot, continuing straight ahead and staying to the far right where the track loops around at the football field.

  • Cars will stop at the sidewalk by the football field until students are dismissed.

  • In the afternoon once students have been dismissed to the car loading zone, staff will direct traffic (two car lanes) farther down the track which will help expedite the process. Students will be called to car rider as parents arrive using an app to help facilitate our numbers efficiently and safely. Read details here.

  • The loop in front of the school will be reserved for students who check-in or check-out during the school day and for visitors’ parking.

Bus Transportation

  • Students are assigned to ride school buses that will pick them up and drop them off in close proximity of their homes.
  • Bus routes are located here. The first morning of bus ridership, students should plan to be at their neighborhood pick-up spot as early as 6:45 a.m., until bus pick-up times become established. Routes will adjust as ridership demand is established. Routes and bus stops will remain the same as last year. Parents who have questions about routes or stops should call the Transportation Department at 770-254-282
  • Bus transportation is a privilege provided to all students who can cooperate and abide by the rules. Problems on a school bus are a road hazard; reasonable behavior ensures a safe ride. Parents should closely supervise children at bus stops to ensure their safety as they wait and properly board the school bus.
  • Parents can check the status of morning routes each day by clicking here. In the afternoons parents can see if their child's bus is running late by clicking the afternoon bus status link. (Both of these links are also located on the front page of our website). If parents would like to be texted the afternoon status, they can sign up for a text alert by texting the number 81010 and typing the message @MMSgobuses . Parents will be texted if the bus leaves the school later than 3:50. Please be patient the first few days as bus drivers are learning new routes.
  • Normally if a student needs to ride a bus other than the assigned bus, the student must bring a note from the parent/guardian with a telephone number for verification. Transportation notes will be accepted in the form of a written letter, an e-mail, or by fax. Currently, however, these requests cannot be honored by transportation until further notice. Students must ride their assigned buses home.
  • Students do not need a transportation note to change from a car rider to a bus rider or vice versa on a given day. Notes are only needed if a students are riding a bus that is not their regular assigned bus (which at this time is not permitted).
  • NOTE: Bus drivers may not let a child off the bus at any stop other than his own without written and approved authorization to do so.
  • Please do not meet the bus along the route and ask your child to get off. Please meet him/her at home instead.

Car Rider Diagram

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School Clinic and Medication

Nurse, Kate Caswell

Email: kate.caswell@cowetaschools.net

Clinic Hours: 8:00-3:30

MMS Clinic Web Page: (includes all clinic forms to download)


The MMS clinic is open daily from 8:00-3:30. Our school nurse Kate Caswell assists students who become sick or injured while at school and dispenses medications prescribed by physicians. Any parent who needs to drop off medication can do so between August 31 and September 4th. Please bring completed medication form with you. When pulling up to the school, stay in the your car and call the front office at 770-254-2744, and an office member will assist you. Beginning September 8th, you can drop off medication in the front lobby of the school between 7:30 and 3:00 during the school day. (Visitors will be subject to a screening process, to include a temperature screening. We appreciate your understanding.)

Whenever it is necessary for your child to receive medication at school, the following policy must be followed:

  1. A school nurse or school designee may administer medication provided all of the requirements are met.
  2. All medicine shall be in its original LABELED container or prescription bottle.
  3. Written instructions for prescription medication must be from a doctor or a physician's assistant authorized to prescribe medicine. How to administer, amount to be administered, time to be administered, etc., must be shown.
  4. A written request by the parent or guardian must be made to the school nurse or school designee to administer any medication. The school nurse or school designee shall keep a written.
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Required Immunizations for ALL 7th Grade Students

The Georgia Department of Human Resources has issued an immunization update regarding Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) and Meningococcal immunizations.

Children who were born on or after January 1, 2002 who are entering the seventh grade are required to have a

  1. Tdap and a Meningococcal immunization
  2. an updated immunization certificate (Form 3231) reflecting the administration dates of the two additional vaccines.

All rising 7th graders born on or after January 1, 2002, must have ONE of the following:

  1. A current , up-to-date DHR Immunization Form 3231 reflecting the additional one dose of Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) vaccine and one Meningococcal conjugate vaccine have been administered OR

  2. A signed immunization waiver (available at the school for eligible students only) granting an extension of 30 calendar days OR

  3. A notarized affidavit affirming a religious belief conflict.

If you have any questions regarding your student’s immunization status, contact your child’s physician, the local Health Department, or the school nurse (Kate Caswell). We encourage you to attend to this promptly.

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Dropping Off Items for Your Child During the School Day

The safety of our staff and students remains the district’s primary concern. Coweta County School System will not allow normal visitation to our campuses until schools expand to full operation based on recommendations and data from CDC and applicable state and local agencies. To help prevent the spread of the virus and reduce the risk of exposure to our staff and students, all approved visitors will be subject to a screening process, to include a temperature screening. Participation is important to help us take precautionary measures to protect you and everyone in the building.

Student Sign-In and Sign-Out

Until campuses return to full operation, office personnel will sign children in and out of the facility for families if a computer, keypad system, or a paper sign-in system is used.

Dropping off Lunches or Medication: Until further guidance is provided, sharing refreshments or sending food for projects or celebrations is prohibited in order to limit the risk of contamination. We ask that there be no outside food delivered to the school and that lunches brought from home be kept with the individual student. If a student forgets a lunch at home, parents may drop it off at the front office, and students will be called to pick up their lunch at the beginning of their scheduled lunch time. If a student needs medication, it can be dropped off between 7:30 and 3:00 for the school nurse.

Dropping off Other Items:

Students are responsible for bringing needed materials to class daily. Until further notice items other than essential items (such as medication or lunch from home) may not be dropped off during the school day.

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CCSS Middle School Dress Code

In the interest of maximizing the learning environment at school, a dress code has been established for all middle school students in the Coweta County School System. Every middle school student is expected to dress and be groomed in accordance with acceptable standards of cleanliness and modesty.

  • If a student chooses to wear shorts or a skirt, the shorts or skirt must be of appropriate length. The appropriate measurement will be determined when the student is standing erect, hands by his/her side; fingertips should not extend below the hem of the clothing, maintaining modesty at all times.

  • Jeggings, leggings, and/or other form-fitting pants can be worn provided the shirt is fingertip length.

  • Low-cut tops and/or blouses are also not allowed. All shirts, blouses, and dresses must have sleeves. Clothing should not expose areas of the stomach, side, or back.

  • Holes on clothing above the fingertips should not expose skin. No items of clothing are allowed that may be affiliated with gang activity, as defined by administration and law enforcement.

  • No “hardware chains” may be worn as belts, wallet chains, or jewelry. No chains of this type are allowed on school campus or at any school function.

  • No hats, bandanas, or headbands may be worn or displayed during the instructional day. No items may be worn with inappropriate pictures, symbols, or lettering. This includes, but is not limited to, depictions of alcohol, drugs, or weapons. Statements that might be deemed offensive to others are prohibited.

  • Pajamas, lounge pants, and/or house shoes or slippers may not be worn to school unless approved by the administration during special occasions.

  • Shoes with wheels may not be worn to school. Other shoes that may present a safety hazard are not allowed.

  • For safety reasons until further notice, face coverings are required in hallways and transitions, in restrooms, on buses, in classrooms and locations when distancing 6 feet is not possible. (Bandanas are not permitted.)

If a student is in violation of the dress code, he/she will be given the opportunity to correct the violation. If the student fails to correct the violation, he/she may be asked to call home for appropriate clothing and/or may receive disciplinary consequences as determined by the administrative staff.

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Parents received a packet of information in Tuesday's drive-thru. Several forms need to be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher including 1-7 below. Please send the required forms back with your child upon his/her return to school. If your child is an Empower learner, you can drop off the forms at the front office after September 8th or wait until your child returns face-to-face.

Will Need to Be Returned

  1. Clinic Card (white)
  2. Emergency Information Card (green)
  3. Green Migrant Form (if applicable)
  4. Truancy/Attendance Form
  5. Media Consent Form
  6. Chromebook Agreement - Can complete online (sixth grade only)
  7. Any information specific to your child that requires a signature

Does Not Need to Be Returned
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How will my child know where to go the first day?

Teachers will review directions with students online at the end of the week. Whether students arrive by bus or car, there will be a multitude of administrators, teachers and support staff directing students to their homerooms in their team areas. Teachers will provide an in-person orientation during students' first week on campus.

When will I know my child’s teacher and class schedule for September 8th?

Your child's schedule and teachers have not changed. The class start times changed slightly to align with the face-to-face schedule. All schedules are posted in this edition of Eagles Notes and are posted on our website. When everyone was learning from home, students could attend two short connections classes daily because no physical transition times were needed. Once returning face-to-face, we will revert to our rotating connections schedule to allow transition times for students along with time for teachers to sanitize equipment between classes. Students will attend one connections class daily, and they will rotate every other day. The schedule is posted on our calendar and will be posted for students each morning. (It does not change the amount of time students have with connections teachers each nine weeks. They have one 90 minute class every other day instead of two 45 minute classes; the time is just structured differently.)

Will students use lockers this year?

Lockers cannot be used until further notice. Students will need a book bag to carry their belongings, including their Chromebook, water bottle, and lunch (if applicable). Teachers will not require that students keep multiple large notebooks to reduce the load students will need to carry.

Do students dress out for PE?

No, however, students must wear appropriate shoes for physical activities (sneakers or athletic shoes). Our gym has been newly air conditioned and is now climate controlled.

Will sixth graders receive new Chromebooks?

Madras students received new Chromebooks last year, and our rising sixth grade students were due to receive new devices this year. The district has not received them yet, but as soon as they arrive, we will send out directions for pick-up.

Where will students eat?

To begin the year students will eat in their classrooms with their teammates to reduce the number of students they are exposed to and to provide necessary physical distancing. We also have picnic areas outside that teachers can use from time to time as weather permits. We hope to be able to rotate students in the cafeteria by team as circumstances allow in the future.

Will there still be athletics and/or extracurricular activities?

Currently, athletics and all middle school extracurricular activities continue to be postponed. We hope to have some club meetings in the next month, beginning virtually with the hope of eventually being able to meet face-to-face. Once we receive new information from the district regarding athletics, we'll notify our students and parents.

How can I remove my child from Empower in the future?

The school system will continue to follow guidance from local health and government agencies. Families will have the option to remain (or enroll) in Empower at each of the checkpoints during first semester. These checkpoints will be announced by the district ahead of time.

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Food Services FAQ's

  1. Are meals available to all students in Coweta County during virtual learning? Yes, meals are available to all free, reduced and paid-price students in Coweta County.
  2. Is it important to complete a free and reduced-price meals application although students are attending school virtually? Yes. Meals are sold to students based on their eligibility of free, reduced-price, or paid. The free and reduced-price meals application is available online at: https://frapps.horizonsolana.com/COWC01. We encourage parents to complete this application as soon as possible.
  3. Why were meals sold at no-cost during March through the beginning of August but now it is different? During the months of March through the beginning of August meals were sold at no cost to children ages 0-18 years old because of a waiver that enabled us to operate under the Seamless Summer Program. This waiver was in place until the school year officially started on August 13, 2020. At this time, USDA has not extended this waiver into SY 20-21.
  4. How do households sign up for meal pick-up during hybrid learning? Households can sign up by completing the Meal Pickup form.
  5. What schools are a curbside location for distribution? All Coweta County Schools are curbside locations for meal pick up. Madras pick-up times are Fridays or Mondays from 10:30-11:30. Use the sign up form or contact MMS cafeteria Frances Singleton at frances.singleton@cowetaschools.net by 8:30 on Friday mornings.
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Free and Reduced Online Application

Just a reminder: Parents can apply directly online for free or reduced meals at: https://frapps.horizonsolana.com/COWC01

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REACH Referral Window is August-September (Gifted Program)

The first semester window for Gifted Program (REACH) referrals is August - September 2020. Paperwork should be requested from and returned to the local school. Please see additional information below and contact Shirley Wold, assistant principal, at 770-254-2744 if you have questions about the process or the program.

Types of Referrals

  1. Reported Referral: ​A student may be referred for consideration for gifted education services by teachers, counselors, administrators, parents or guardians, peers, self, and other individuals with knowledge of the student’s abilities.
  2. Automatic Referral: ​Students who score at the following specified levels on a norm referenced test, as defined by the GaDOE Resource Manual for gifted Education Services, shall be considered automatically for further assessment to determine eligibility for gifted program services.
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Can't wait to welcome back our Eagles!

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Teachers and Students Learning Together - Virtually!

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Middle School Redistricting Letter and Survey

Madras, Lee, and Arnall Parents:

The Coweta County School System is currently constructing a new middle school on Shaw Road which will open next year, in August, 2021. Two proposed maps of the new middle school student district have been placed online for parent review and comment. This new district will be formed out of portions of the current Arnall Middle School, Madras Middle School and Lee Middle School student districts.

The Coweta County Board of Education is expected to adopt a final district map for the new school in October of this year, and the new district lines will go into effect next school year, in July, 2021.

Please go to your school’s website, or to links found at www.cowetaschools, to review and comment on these maps before the board’s vote.

These map proposals follow the work last spring of the Middle School parent and faculty district line working committee, which reviewed all aspects of school district lines in order to propose these map options, and the proposed student grandfathering policies, to the Superintendent and the Board of Education. The school system deeply appreciates the time and care taken by the members of this committee, which was made up of representatives from all three schools, in this important task.

Please take the time to review these proposals as well, and provide feedback. Graphic maps and the streets lists of neighborhoods affected by these proposed maps can be found online.

A proposed student grandfathering policy - which would allow current 7th grade students (rising 8th grade students) and their siblings to remain at their current school if parents provide transportation - has also been placed online for parent review and comment.

Parent comments can be provided through an online survey, and comments will be provided to the board for review. This survey will be open through Friday, October 2.
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