Cobb Library News

By Lauren Brinlee, Student Library Aide

What's Happening in the Library?

There is always something stirring in the library! New faces. New teachers. New ideas and new experiences. The Cobb Library is already buzzing with activity. Students are bustling through the doors before school to play chess, do homework, or to just read. And the library is already crammed with classes. Change is already drifting around the place. Can you feel it? What is going to happen? I guess we will just have to wait and see...
Cobb Library 2012-2013

Library Club

Thursday September 5, 2013 went off with a bang! Eighty kids were jammed in the library with Adopt-a-Shelf, signing up for committees and making t-shirt designs for the Cobb Library Club (CLC) t-shirt contest! And at the end of the big event, there was a drawing and people won books and free Frosty bookmarks! This was a HUGE HIT!

Lunch Bunch Book Club

Students get to pick the title of the book they want to discuss at Lunch Bunch at the end of the month! October book club title is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, and the first meeting was Tuesday, September 24 during all three lunches in the library. Be sure to see the movie on November 1st! Join us to discuss the book and movie on November 7th.

Upcoming Events

Some events coming up soon are going to be a blast! The Book Fair is coming, and the library will host the fair on October 28 through November 1st! Also, t-shirt orders for Cobb Library Club are coming soon. Finally, see the library website for book pre-orders for House of Hades (due Oct. 2) and Allegiant (due Oct. 14). At the book fair you can pre-order the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid #8.

Average Statistics

Library Traffic averages for first six weeks: During the day - 200 students; before school/after school - 60 students