Buisness letter

BY:Annah Garrison.

My family and friends.

My family are my favorite people in the world! My mom goes through a lot being a single mom but shes a shining star in the making. My little brothers annoy me but nobody makes me as happy as they do i love being able to help them with their problems like when my 10 year old liked a girl but didn't know how to tell her.

My friends make me just as happy as my family. I have 3 real friends. I love them to death they may make me mad but they make me who i am today Nobody wll ever make as happy as the people i love.

School update.

Things at school are going great! other than the drama that i have to deal with i am doing very well my grades so far are going great. And i have no fear of filing anything this quarter.


My favorite thing to do inside and outside of school is play basketball. Or anything about basketball i will do weather it be watching a movie or reading on a famous athlete.

When i'm not playing or doing anything that has to do with basketball i am singing. Whatever song i can sing i will sing it.

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My grades.

My grades throughout the year have been so up and down. I have had a lot of A's but at the same time a lot of F's But i know i am capable of having all A's and that is what i am going to shoot for in high school. Even of that means not being as social.