Darius I

Yishai Benavides, Logan Dittrich, Michael Baker

550-486 BCE

The king of persia

He reigned over Persia from 522 to 486 BCE. He was king of Persia for 36 years and when the Persian war began.
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Family of Darius

Darius was the son Hyspates. He was also the grandson of Arsames. Both of these family members belonged to the Achaemenid tribe and were still alive at the time in which Darius took the throne. He married the daughter of Cyrus, Atossa, and had four sons. He married another daughter of cyrus and had two more sons.

His accomplishments

He was known for changing the economy to gold and silver coins, attacking the greeks, and keeping his empire at peace. His persistance to invade Greece was what affected Persia's history the most. He was vastly recognized for being a trustworthy leader during wartimes.
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Our opinion towards him

For the most part he was good towards his own people. The fact that he attacked Greece was questionable