Global Warming Solutions

By: Ryan Krogfoss, Dani Levy, and Chris Malyon

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is the rise of year-round temperatures of the Earth which can be the effect of pollution of the air. These "greenhouse gases" travel to the Earth's atmosphere and trap the heat in from the sun, causing rise in temperature and climate change.

The effects of climate change vary from:

  • Rising Temperature
  • Destruction of Ecosystems
  • Strange Weather Patterns

Saving Planet Earth Stop Climate Change

This documentary helped us:
  • See the issue of climate change
  • See why it is such a big deal
  • Provide solutions
  • Inspire people to come up with their own solutions
Saving Planet Earth Stop Climate Change - National Geographic HD -Documentary films 2015

Greenhouse Gases

This source helped me to learn about:

  • The ways countries are attempting to stop global warming
  • The global impact of climate change on the earth
  • Reasons global warming occurs
  • Possible solutions

We Can Change the Climate it's Just a Little Too Late for This Week

This source taught me:

  • The effects of climate change
  • How it will affect the world as a whole
  • How they are trying to solve the problem

More Wind, Less Warming

This source gave insight on:

  • How to keep the human race prosperous.
  • How wind power emits less carbon.
  • What is really going on.

Our Solution

Our solution is to use cleaner energy sources, such as solar and wind power and to not overuse the resources we have. This will help by:

  • Causing less pollution
  • Using less of our resources
  • Slowing the greenhouse gas emissions to eventually stop global warming

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