Team One Newsletter

Week of 10/21-10/24

Student Led Conferences on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Use the like sent to you or contact your students' CAT Time teacher to schedule. NO SCHOOL FRIDAY (10/25)

Jeff Bromley - Social Studies

Monday 10/21- Continue Ancient Egypt Research Project

Tuesday 10/22- Continue Ancient Egypt Research Project

Wednesday 10/23- Continue Ancient Egypt Research Project

Thursday 10/24- Finish Ancient Egypt Research Project

Friday 10/25- NO SCHOOL!!

Emilia Walsh - Science

Next week we will:

  • Mold our own fossils
  • Begin learning about Rock Strata

Last week we:

  • Began our Geology Unit - Fossil Records

Meaghan Harriott - Language Arts

Next week we will...

Monday 10/21: Review the events of chapters 1-2 of Hatchet

Tuesday 10/22: Read and analyze article related to

Wednesday 10/23: Read and analyze chapter 3

Thursday 10/24: Read and analyze chapter 4

Friday 10/25: No School

Last week we...

Did pre-reading and analyzed the essential question for the unit "How do positive character traits help people overcome forces beyond their control?"

Began reading and analyzing Hatchet as a class

Allison Watts - Math


Meri Miller-Kahle - Special Services