New Cars This Year

By Andrew Nguyen

Jay Gatsby’s car would be one of high value. A cream-yellow Rolls Royce, able to give all passengers luxury.

A man wouldn’t be able to find another one like it. The common station wagon wouldn’t be able to compete with Jay’s car. It’s long enough to fit four people, and its hatboxes and supper boxes allow for easy convenience for storage. The green leather seats will provide an owner with a fancy feel, as well as keep the owner comfortable. A tool-box is provided in the care should an owner need to perform roadside repairs.

If you’ve got what it takes to be able to own a car like this, be ready to let go of $12,000.

"It was a rich cream color, bright with nickel, swollen here and there . . . a labyrinth of wind-shields that mirrored a dozen suns" (Fitzgerald 64).