The Sectopus

What is it?

My Genius Hour Project

By: Kelsey Baker

The Survey

Some of you might have taken my survey. This survey was to see how many people out of about 100 people actually know what it is. Some of you said an octopus and then there were others. A sectopus is an octopus that has seven tentacles, or legs. This might of happened by fighting over food or a decease.To do my survey, I had to find a good purpose. Next, I had to put the questions on the website, Finally, Mr. Smallridge sent it out and then I waited for your results.
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My model that I made is a sectopus. It's name is Sammy. It was made out of hot glue, a sock, fleece fabric, scissors, polyfill and googly eyes! I just simply filled a sock with stuffing and cut out legs with fleece and then glued it all together.


This project matters to me because these animals are not known very well. They need to be more well known so we can protect them from losing another leg! They are one the oceans animals and they deserve to be more well known too. When I looked at the results from my survey, I was quite surprised! 64% of the people that took the survey had no idea what a sectopus was. This shows that we need to get the word out about the sectopus. From doing this project I have learned what a sectopus is and a few facts about them. I also learned how to make a stuffed animal. I was challenged because it was hard to find facts on this animal since its so uncommon.
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