The Officials Language Act and The Expo 67

The Officials Language Act

The Official Languages Act is a Canadian law that was enacted on September 9, 1969. This law gives English and French equal status in the government of Canada, making these two languages the official ones of Canada. This law ensures that there is respect for both the English and French language and that they were equal in status, rights, and privileges. Making English and French the official languages of Canada allows for support when developing these languages in minority communities and allow French-speaking citizens to feel more accepted. The Official Languages Act allows the people of Quebec to feel that Canada is their home, not only Quebec, and it also protects French communities outside of Quebec. Overall, The Official Languages Act helped benefit many Canadians around Canada that spoke English or French by increasing their freedoms.

The Expo 67

The Expo 67 was happen in 1967 in Montreal. It allowed Canada to celebrate Canada’s Centennial. The Expo 67 allowed Canada proved to the rest of the world that they had come of age. This fair allowed for people from all over the world socialize with one another and meet people of different cultures and backgrounds. People came from all around the world to enjoy and have fun at this fair. There were many rides, things to buy, and things to eat. The Expo 67 showed the rest of the world what Canada is really about and helped bring Canada into the world stage.
Expo 67, Largest World's Fair Ever 1967/5/2