Kansas City Ancient History Exhibit

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Come and Join Us!

Our mission is to help educate students by showing them history back then while having fun at the same time! Our museum varies many items ranging from exhibits with Chinese Inventions to presentations all about the Aztecs, Incas, and the Mayans! We hope that you join and help us educate the kids of the future.

What is Waiting for you inside?

We are going to list below a few facts about what you will see inside once you enter the Kansas City Ancient History Museum. Let's first start with the Aztecs, Incas, and the Mayans shall we?

Mesomerica Civilizations

Farming Methods

Chinese and Mesoamerican Inventions and Advancements

Chinese Inventions

The Chinese had made many inventions that helped them become advanced. Here are some that helped them.

1)Terraced Rice Fields

How this helped Chinese advance because it helped them grow riper and faster rice which helped them with food supplies. Plus this can be used for trade.


How this helped the Chinese advance was because they were the only ones that had silk, so countries that wanted silk had to trade or buy silk from China, which can help their economy.


How this invention helped the Chinese was because this was used for books. Plus they might have used this for communication, like mail or posters to spread the news of something, like this cool epic museum that is going to open soon.

Mesoamerican Inventions and Advancments

Here was are going to list 5 Mesoamerican inventions and advancements. The first one that comes to mind is the first Tear Gas, which was made my the Mayans. This helped them because this could have been used for fighting enemies. Another thing that the Mayans invented was rubber products. For example, the rubber ball game which was used to play 'Ball Game' was made up of rubber. This invention was helpful because 'Ball Game' was used as like a traditional sport and to see which losing team will face death. Ouch... But now to the fun part! Another invention that the Mayans made was chocolate... more of a food than an invention. How this 'invention' helped them was because it seemed sacred to them. This was because they would carve, "The food of the gods" into the coca pods. Plus they even sacrificed coca beans to their gods! One that was made by the Aztecs was popcorn! This was actually used as a headdress though more than to be eaten. So another traditional item. And last but no least... the Incas! They have invented what was called the quipus. This was used for math, containing data. Helpful for keeping track of things like money or food.

Entry and Tickets

Tickets cost-

Adults (18+) - $10

Teens (13-17) - $5

Kids (12 and Below) - FREE!

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