By: Kiana Robinson & Selena Lopez

Benifits of Music

-Helps give you confidence
-Overall variations of music styles
-Stimulating past-time
-Motivates and increases endurance
-Workout Recovery
-Reduce Stress
-Improve cognitive function
-Improve Sleep Quality
In a overall music is a part of everyday life whether you realize it or not, without really thinking music helps get you through your day no matter if; your playing a instrument, singing, or just listening to it in general.

Our Amazing Chorus Director

Mrs. Turner is a fun, energetic and outgoing teacher. She has done so many amazing and interesting things. Did you know that Mrs.Turner is a Director of Music Ministries at Saint Andrews United Methodist Church, she has the Master of Music in Vocal Performance. She has even been to Berlin, Germany to study voice and has performed with Capitol Opera Raleigh and the ASU Opera Theater. If you don't think all of this is amazing and incredible, in our personal opinion you are missing out on working with I believe the best Chorus teacher ever.