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This Week in CS...

Welcome back to the SECOND Semester of the 2018-19 School Year! Let's start by looking at our 2019 New Year's Resolutions for Computer Science here in Aldine.

Below we will be looking at these items:

  • CS Focus for Second Semester
  • Curriculum Break Out Sessions (separate by whole year/semester instruction)
  • Address issues/concerns in curriculum breakout
  • PD Opportunities
  • CS Fest
  • CS Timelines
  • Questions/Concerns
Curriculum Guide Sheet

Please include the date for the lesson you are currently working on. And after you complete the lesson, please leave comments.

Let's address your needs...

Additional Curriculum Updates?

  • ESL Updates

How are you doing with your ELLs and Bilingual students in your classes? Are they understanding the HTML Language or this still a challenge? Please continue to provide feedback on this (challenges and/or successes)

  • Differentiated Curriculum ideas

How are you differentiating the curriculum in your classroom? Is paired programming helping? Do you need assistance scaffolding the curriculum? This feedback is needed as I am currently working with the Special Education Digital Director to get assistance with this for all students.

  • forum

Do you use the Teacher Forums for assistance? Click here to see what other teachers have shared about the curriculum (advice, resources, guides, additional tips!)

Apps and Extensions for CS

Have you heard of Kurzwiel? How about ReadWrite? These are Google Apps that teachers across Aldine are using in their classrooms that read websites and more! Check out the link for the ReadWrite and Kurzwiel (will need your account info to access-check email) Extensions.

ReadWrite Extension

Kurzweil Extension

Mrs. Glass can come and provide support on using the Kurzwiel extension.

- Creating student groups

- Providing students with their username and passwords (must sign into the extension)

Need help with these? Reach out to your campus Digital Learning Specialist for more assistance!

CS Training and Professional Development Opportunities

3D Printer Training

Did you receive your 3D printer?

Are you missing any components (cables, filaments, power cords)?

If so, add to this document.

Next steps:

1. Register for an account with MakerBot.

2. Join the online PD for certification. SUBMIT your Certificate no later than Feb. 1st.

3. Submit your certificate of completion in this folder (location in Team Drive).

SUBMIT your Certificate no later than Feb. 1st.

4. Let's brainstorm ways to utilize the 3D printers in CS Content/Curriculum. (it's not about the printing, but the DESIGN process).

Python/Raspberry Pi Cohort

As we look towards the future--next school year, we are going to shift to another programming language using Python. Raspberry Pi focuses on this language and I wanted to throw this out there to see who would be interested in learning more NOW, rather than later.

Here's a few sessions that are currently happening and we can go through them together if you would like.

This will be a two month cohort (to be extended as needed):

January 30th (face-to-face)

February 13th (Virtual)

February 27th (face-to-face)

March 6th (Virtual)

Programming 101: An Intro to Python for Educators

(4 Weeks, 2 hrs/week)

Scratch to Python: Moving from Block to Text-Based Programming

(4 weeks, 2 hrs/week)

Object-oriented Programming in Python: Create Your Own Adventure Game

(4 weeks, 2 hrs/week)

Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

(4 weeks, 2 hrs/week)

Next CS Teachers Meeting

Friday, Feb. 15th, 8am-3:30pm

location TBD

This will be a district staff development day. A location will be determined.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

CS Upcoming VOLUNTEER Opportunities

MakerFaire in Aldine

Aldine Libraries will be sponsoring our 2nd annual MakerMania on March 2, 2019 from 9 am - 12 pm. We invite each school to participate and share what great things are happening in their campus makerspaces. This can be in libraries, robotics clubs, coding clubs, computer science classes, engineering classes, etc. This is not restricted to libraries and ILS. Each school or club that chooses to participate will have a booth (a long rectangular table and 2 chairs) to display their accomplishments/activity. This is a make and take event, so I encourage you to have something for participants to do or make. Hands-on activities are extremely meaningful and may spark interest in our students and parents.

As in 2017, we will publicize the event to students, parents, and staff of Aldine as well as the surrounding community and districts.

We are on a little bit of a quick turn around to know who will be participating. If you have an activity in mind, you can add that to the form, but I really need to know who will participate so I can order the tables and chairs. Please fill out THIS FORM by Friday, January 18. I will submit the number of items we will need to facilities after that, so I do need a good head count.

Share this with others on your campus who may be interested. Be thinking of activities you would like to showcase. I'll be asking that in another week or two and that gives you time to think. I would like to have a variety of activities since we are all more experienced with makerspaces.

Click here for video:

Photos from Computer Science in Aldine

Due Dates are Closer than they appear!

Blog post are due (looking for help--ask a child to write the post!!! Spotlight a student and THEIR accomplishments)

Completing the CS Board report helps and I can also help you! Posting on here I can create a blog post for YOU! Thanks for those who have already contributed!

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Make sure to share this Blog with your campus administrators!

Planning Team NEEDED!

CS Fest

Planning and logistics is coming together for this event. However, I am reaching out to all of you for more assistance. Would you like to help in the planning? This will be a meeting for planning the details on Tuesday, January 22nd from 4-6 pm. Email me if you are interested. A small team of at least 4 teachers are needed.