Coloma Junior High

The Week of January 20th

It's Exam Week!

Exam week tends to build anxiety with students as they feel the pressure of taking a "Final Exam". While teachers will provide support through reviews and study guides among other things for our students, it is important to support them at home as well.

At home you can provide them with support by providing a quiet area to review their study guides, quizzing them and reminding them to structure their time wisely. Most important for parents is to hold fast to early bed times to insure they are rested and encourage them to decrease screen time on the evenings prior to exams. Give them a boost of confidence on their way out the door. They've got this!

Welcome Briggs our Therapy Dog in Training

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Week At A Glance


No School

JH Competitive Cheer Home 6pm


JH Competitive Cheer Home 6pm


JH Girls Basketball Home @ 5pm


1/2 Day - Dismissal 11:37

Exams for 1st, 2nd and 3rd hour classes

Study Hall Closed

JH Wrestling Home @ 5pm


1/2 Day - Dismissal 11:37

Exams for 4th, 5th and 6th hour classes

Honor Club Trip to WMU

Last week 39 students from our Honor Club were able to visit Western Michigan University's campus for a campus tour and Home Basketball Game. Our students were complimented on their behavior and enjoyed a great game!
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PM Bus Riders

Just a reminder that students that are bus riders after school, must board the buses at the Junior High/High School Loop. Students are not allowed to walk down to the Elementary/Intermediate to board.

6th Grade Science Classes built edible volcanoes with Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Churchill! Yum!!

Air Pods, Ear Buds and Headphones

It certainly looks like many of our students received some wonderful gifts over winter break. We are seeing lots of AirPods, Earbuds and Headphones in the hallway. Just a reminder that these devices need to be off and put away unless being used for a class. These items should not be worn in the hallways during passing time. They are allowed in the cafeteria during the lunch period.

The cell phone expectation is also that the device should be powered off and locked in their lockers. Locking the phone in the locker serves two purposes, 1) this reduces the urge to check their phone during instructional time and 2) this also keeps the device safe from breakage and theft during the school day.

Valentine's Dance Scheduled

Our Annual Valentine's Dance has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 12th from 5pm - 7pm. Students can earn the opportunity to attend the dance by earning no referrals from Monday, January 13th until the day of the dance.

The admission cost will be $5 and snacks will be available for purchase as well.

Upcoming Dates

1/27 - Study Hall Closed

1/29 - Delayed Start

2/10 - Study Hall Closed

2/12 - Delayed Start

2/12 - Valentine's Dance 5pm - 7pm

2/14 - 2/17 - Mid Winter Break

2/24 - Study Hall Closed

2/26 - Delayed Start

2/26 - Parent Teacher Conferences 5pm - 8pm

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