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May 11, 2020

Dear Village Oaks Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day! I want to extend a huge thank you to VOICE for personally delivering goodie bags to the homes of our teachers! We also also applaud all of our our parents and students who showed their gratitude to our teachers last week during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our staff really felt loved as they received the kind gestures!

As we continue to plug along with our Continuity Learning Plan we thank all of our parents who provided feedback via the district survey. Based off of the feedback from the survey we will begin to share the weekly home learning calendars on Sunday evenings rather than Monday mornings when the online resources are shared. This will allow parents to have an opportunity to review the weekly plan before the start of the week. We also want to remind you as you are working on the online learning with your child the moment you or child begin to reach a frustration level it is okay to pause or just stop. We realize that coordinating home responsibilities and school tasks can at times be a bit overwhelming. Our families are doing an amazing job working through our virtual learning, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or your child's teacher if you have questions or need some support during our time away from VO.



Specials Update

Hello VO students and families!

This letter is to let you know that your Specials teachers are changing how they are hosting Office Hours on Wednesdays!

Now, instead of having their own times, they are all going to be on one Zoom link together waiting to see and hear from you!

If you want to see and socialize with your Specials teachers, join the meeting via the Zoom link and come see all of them together. Your teachers miss you and want to see you, so we have created the first half hour (from 12:00 - 12:30) of Office Hours for social interaction where we can talk about anything you want!

If you have any questions about your Specials lessons for the week, we can discuss them in the second half of the meeting (12:30-1:00).

We encourage any and all to join - the more the merrier!

Specials Office Hour (all teachers together):

Wednesdays: 12:00-1:00

Link: Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 925 7621 1997

Password: 8JYAzm

May Birthdays--Cha-cha-cha!

Jackson Stanley--05/01/2010

Tej Khalsa--05/02/2014

Sophia Schira--05/04/2010

Fariya Mohsin 05/04/2012

Ronav Ramdas 05/05/2012

Ellyanna Sharrow-- 05/06/2010

Vivaan Inchal--05/06/2011

Namish Chandragiri-- 05/07/2012

Sarika Kolla--05/08/2014

Arnav Patil--05/09/2011

Vivaan Bahekar--05/09/2011

Suryaa Thote--05/09/2013

Elena Byczek--05/10/2013

Ali Bulan--05/10/2014

Ethan Carboni--05/11/2010

Akshaya Pindikur--05/11/2010

Nithila Jeyanthan--05/12/2013

Knight McKinnon--05/13/2012

Sharun Subudhi--05/13/2013

Jenna Davis--05/14/2010

John David--05/14/2010

Jayda Davis--05/14/2013

Ava Johnson--05/15/2011

Anvi Patil--05/16/2012

Joshua Parker--05/16/2013

Abhiram Saladi--05/18/2010

Landon Stevenson--05/18/2012

Brooklynn Cross--05/19/2011

Alexander Wing--05/20/2011

Lily Hovermale--05/20/2014

Vyasarya Katti--05/21/2011

Tanvi Dammalapati--05/21/2013

Shamruthtaa Shanmuga Prasad--05/21/2013



Elizabeth Kilgore--05/22/2013

Reshma Panapakam--05/23/2013

Riddhi Darji--05/23/2013

Aubrey Roller--05/23/2014

Bailey Ray--05/24/2012

Bavleen Rai--05/25/2012

Neil Taware--05/25/2013

Myles Lacy--05/26/2013

Martina Vulaj --05/28/2010

Aditi Madhu--05/28/2012

Gautam Nalamalpu--05/30/2013

Kenneth Nguyen--05/30/2013

James Frierson--05/31/2011

Novi Meadows Classroom Placement Parent Input

Dear Parents,

As we navigate through these unprecedented times, many new challenges have arisen. One of those challenges is how to effectively transition students and families from their K-4 experience to Novi Meadows in a way that is both comforting and informative. Below is a survey from the Novi Meadows Principals which allow them to gather feedback to guide student placement. Thank you for your feedback!

Novi Meadows Class Placement Survey


We have opened the online pre-enrollment registration for the 2020-2021 school year and are making plans to welcome the incoming kindergarten class. Please complete the online pre-enrollment, so we can share pertinent information going forward. Completing the online portion will help us plan for student placement. We will eventually communicate when families will be able to submit required documentation to the Early Childhood Education Center. We can’t wait to finalize the registration process and welcome the incoming Class of 2033. If you have any questions, please review the NCSD enrollment page or call 248-675-3400.

Go Blue!

Enjoy 3rd grader, Lance Buelow's fierce drawing. :) Nice job Lance!
Big picture

NCSD Tech Support

If you need help logging into any of the platforms (Seesaw, iReady, Clever, etc.) on a district issued device you can submit a service ticket for login issues or if you need tech. assistance.

Service desk contact information:

- Phone: 248-209-2060

- Email: servicedesk@oakland.k12.mi.us

- Online Ticket Submission: servicedesk.oakland.k12.mi.us

VOICE Spring Fling Update

With the cancellation of Spring Fling, we have had many parents email us and ask how they can support VOICE since this has always been our primary fundraiser. With the blessing of Dr. Matthews and Dr. Ofili, we have created a PayPal Pool link as a response to those parents who have asked how they can help. The link shows many of the ways that VOICE helps support Village Oaks and all of the wonderful things that happen at our school. During this difficult time, we are learning that the greatness of our school is not contained inside of the walls of our building. We are a community and a family who leads with HEART. We already knew our teachers were amazing, but WOW are they showing up for us right now! There is a goal of funds to be raised on our PayPal link, but what I would love more than anything is to see pride for our great school shared across the internet showing the love our students have for their classmates and their teachers. Search for Village Oaks PTO on Facebook. Please consider sharing our PayPal Pool link, but when you do post a photo or video of your student sharing WHY they love Village Oaks! Tag us #VOhasHEART so that we can all come together virtually. If you would like to give, but prefer to send a check or VENMO, please email our treasurer Jessica at VOtreasurer@gmail.com. https://paypal.me/pools/c/8owxzauYz4 Debbie Luke VOICE President Debbielukehomes@gmail.com
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VO Community Support!

While we could not be together for Spring Fling, we want to acknowledge the businesses who donated to us and say THANK YOU for their support year after year. Please consider supporting these local businesses!
Big picture

VO Specials Weekly Update

Attached is the weekly update from our Specials teachers. They're excited about another great week of online learning!

A Greener VO

Do You Know how to ‘Go Green?’ National Geographic Quiz

What is your ‘Green IQ?’ Click on the link, subscribe for a free web account on National Geographic, and take the quiz as a family. You very well may learn some new facts or ideas for how you can reduce energy and resource use in your home! https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/green-lifestyle-quiz/

Social Emotional Support

The Novi Community Schools Social Work Department would like to share some opportunities and resources for social emotional learning for all students during this unprecedented time. Attached is a list of resources for students of all ages with different mediums of instructional delivery. There are some fantastic resources to assist with social skill development, mindfulness, anxiety, and materials regarding talking to students about COVID-19.

Please reach out to our school social worker Ms. Amber Zarb amber.zarb@novik12.org via email if you have any questions or concerns.

Enjoy the video below from Dr. Stephanie Grant, child behavior therapist and expert in trauma. Dr. Grant provides great insight on how to support your children through COVID-19.

Supporting Our Children Through COVID 19

Social Distancing--Be Safe

As the weather begins to warm up many of us will begin to go outside more often to enjoy different outdoor activities. While outside please be safe and adhere to the social distancing recommendations made by many medical experts. Below is an insightful article outlining the importance of social distancing during this pandemic.

Social Distancing: Why Keeping Your Distance Helps Keep Others Safe

VO School Day Conversations

  • What do you miss the most about your teacher?

  • What time is your teacher's office hours and what day?

  • What is one success you experienced this week with your online learning?

Novi Mental Health Alliance--Parent Emporwing Parent Program

The Parent Emporwing Parent Program connects parents in need with parents who know. PEP pairs up a parent who has experienced challenges in his or her own parenting to providing support, encouragement, and knowledge, to another parent going through a similar situation. Below are the flyers for program.

Learn more about the Novi Mental Health Alliance by visiting the website at: https://www.novi.k12.mi.us/community/novi-mental-health-alliance

Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

VO Flags

One of the things that makes our building so special is our diverse student population--we have families in our community who come from all over the world! To celebrate our global diversity we have hung flags in our cafeteria that represent many of the countries of our VO families. As a gift from VO retirees we were given flags of the following countries: Israel, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, South Korea, China, and USA. Thank you to our parents who have also donated the following flags: Poland, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Nepal, Greece, Pakistan, Uruguay, Ecuador, Portugal, Spain, Central African Republic, South Africa, Wales, Iceland, Australia, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Russia, Scotland and Yemen. If you would like to purchase a flag of your country of origin or to represent one of the many nationalities of our school please visit Amazon and search for an ANLEY 3x5 flag: VO Flags

Before purchasing and donating the flag to our school’s collection please contact me or one of our secretaries with the flag information so we can make sure that another family has not already ordered the same flag.

Country's Flags in VO Cafeteria

VO Staff Message

Please enjoy our staff's message for our students...we're all in this together!
VO Staff Message For Students


This year NCSD elementary schools will partner with Playworks to enhance the learning experiences for students throughout the district. Playworks is the leading nonprofit in Michigan and nationally using play to transform schools. A Playworks recess creates a place for every kid on the playground to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills. Please click on the link below and read the attached Playworks article to learn more about our partnership and Patrice our Playworks Coach!

Playworks Informational Link

Despite the current challenges Playworks is still committed to providing safe and healthy play for every child everyday. We see the work that you are doing to continue to educate our students and we are committed to providing the same SEL learning opportunities we have delivered in your classrooms all year. #PlayworksAtHome is a resource to help families and educators in a variety of formats so students can continue to #PlayAtHome.

Please see the resources below:

  • Daily online live stream recess on Playworks Facebook (@MakeRecessCount). Starting March 20, a Playworks Coach will provide a virtual recess at 12:00 p.m., 2:00p.m., and 4:00p.m. every school day Monday - Friday

  • eLearning: Videos of adults leading Playworks games, minute movers, and stretches for kids that can be embedded into eLearning systems, shared on social media, embedded on websites, and more. Check out this example. These resources and more can be found on Playworks.org/PlayAtHome

  • Play At Home Playbook: This includes instructions for games that are adaptable and can be played with little to no equipment and with the CDC recommended guidelines for social distancing. These can be printed and distributed with homework and/or placed on school websites.

  • More resources - we also suggest sharing our traditional online Game Library allowing your community access to explore hundreds of games by group size, available space and equipment, appropriate ages, and developmental skills.

We thank you for continuing to be a supporter of play and sharing these resources on your social platforms and networks. We look forward to seeing you on our virtual playground!

Playworks Play at Home Game: Morning Stretch Shake It Out
Playworks Play at Home Game: Popcorn

Looking Ahead

5/13/20--Grade level Office Hours

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