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October 26, 2018

Tennessee Behavior Supports Project Audit

Pat yourself on the back, smile a REALLY big smile, and feel VERY accomplished.

That is a very subdued version of what we should be doing as a school based on the feedback we received from Mr. Gordon regarding our tier 1 and tier 2 practices. All the things that he asked questions about and was evaluating was either non existent or in a super early planning stage this time last year. He was blown away with what we had done in basically a year or less. We scored basically perfect on the tier 1 rubric he used to evaluate our process/protocols. . Our scores for Data Fidelity were a bit lower, not because we didn't have any, but because this was the first time we have been evaluated by the TBSP and due to how the rubric was written we couldn't have gotten a 2. Otherwise, we were all 2's!! He was so impressed with all the students he interviewed. Every last one of them knew our expectations. They gave specific examples to show their understanding of the expectations, they pointed out our hall posters to show him where to find our expectations, and one even told him, "These are just good things to know for life outside of school." There was no question that we have worked very hard to create a common language and understanding around that language to promote positive behavior at school. He loved our work with Zones, and was really impressed with our use of restorative practices. He had never seen it in action and was able to observe a reentry circle with a student and a teacher when he arrived. Needless to say he was very impressed.

In addition, we also scored ourselves against the rubric for Tier 2 supports for RTI2B. We had one suggestion to create universal nomination (that we will work on) for teachers to nominate students to be considered for tier 2 in addition to our current practices and again the data piece because it was the first time we had been evaluated by TBSP. Other than those things, we were all twos. All twos for things that did not exist this time last year!!!

This is truly amazing. It speaks to the incredible work that we have all done to change the climate of this building in a short time. Do we still have work to do, absolutely! We will always be working to maintain and improve what we have done so far. That goes with out question. However, I think we all need to take a moment and think about the time spent, the struggles, frustration, small success that turned into big success, and the overall change in climate that we all had a hand in creating.

Kudos to all of you for your support in this process. We are not done, but we have reason to pick our heads up and celebrate before we put them back down to keep on striving to improve. To elaborate on his enthusiasm about what he heard and saw yesterday he stopped in the middle of our tour to ask if we have considered applying to be recognized as a Model School of Distinction. To say I was floored by his suggestion is an understatement. I am so proud of the work we have done in such a short time, and I will definitely put our school in for consideration for this distinction. We are awesome!!

Thanks again for your support in the audit, but more importantly for all the things you do every day to make Lincoln the best place in town!

Title 1 Audit

Monday is the Title 1 Audit in the afternoon. I am attaching the agenda below so you are all aware of who is involved and the times. Please note, that while there are designated rooms for the team to visit, they have the discretion to visit any room they want. With that being said, everyone should be following the regular scope and sequence of the curriculum as you would on any other Monday.

The other thing that you need to be aware of is that during the time of the audit, all but one member of the Student Support Team will be with the audit team being interviewed. Mrs. Clark will the the only person available. She is totally capable to support, but there is only one of her and she can't be everywhere at once. Please work to be as proactive as possible when you see possible issues arising. Utilize your colleges, put that lion's den to work. Call if you need assistance, but understand that we will only have one person to respond during the audit time. Thank you in advance for your support Monday afternoon.

Fall Fest

Final details and information will be ready on Monday morning. Please note that some classes will have a slightly different lunch time. Also, we are looking for some help with fall decorations for the building. If you would like to loan us a mum or two, maybe a bail of hay, or any other autumnal decoration to gussy up the school for the event we would greatly appreciate it . All loaned decorations can go home with the person who loaned it in the afternoon on Wednesday. Please be sure to put your name on it, or an identifying item so you can be reunited with your fall decoration.

November Newsletter

I can't believe that we are already here....but I need your grade level/content area updates for the November Newsletter. I need them no later than the end of the day on Thursday November 1st. Thanks in advance for getting those updates to me.

Student of the Month Parent Notification

Another friendly reminder that names for student of the month must be in the spread sheet one week before the assembly at the VERY latest. We have lots of mail and other items we must create and process beyond the invites to this assembly. It is helpful to Kathy in managing her time to get her tasks done. When names are not in the spread sheet it causes problems completing other tasks too. Please set a reminder in your calendar, write a note on a sticky and put it somewhere you won't miss it. Thank you!

Back the Blue Day

Back the Blue Day is scheduled for November 1. It is a day to honor and celebrate the police officers that serve us. We will have a treat for the officers that come by that day and if your class would like to write a note to the officers or have something for us please get it to the office before the end of the day on the 31st. We will ensure that visiting officers receive your gifts/letters/whatever you may plan. Please wear blue that day too in support of our officers!

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