california stop

By: Braely Fitch, Feather Wilson, Samuel Olivo, Jack Patrick


May 24: High of 58 Low of 42, rain percentage 0%, wind NNE at 13 mph

May 25: High of 58 Low of 48, rain percentage 10%, wind ESE at 8 mph

May 26: High of 62 Low of 54, rain percentage 30%, wind ESE at 11 mph

May 27: High of 66 Low of 60, rain percentage 10%, wind ESE at 10 mph

May 28: High of 79 Low of 67, rain percentage 30%, wind S at 10 mph

May 29: High of 84 Low of 69, rain percentage 10%, wind SSW at 13 mph

May 30: High of 85 Low of 69, rain percentage 10%, wind SSW at 15 mph

May 31: High of 82 Low of 70, rain percentage 20%, wind SSW at 16 mph

June 1: High of 81 Low of 68, rain percentage 30%, wind SW at 14 mph

June 2: High of 76 Low of 62, rain percentage 60%, wind WSW at 11 mph

Natural Disasters

Some natural disasters in California is fires, earthquakes, floods, and summer heat waves. The worst natural disaster that has ever hit california is when the people had to suffer from the hottest heat wave they have ever had. The temperatures were above 110 degrees more that 140 elderly people died from the extreme heat.


California has beaches and many towering mountains, central valleys. It also has 2 major deserts. The mountains have changed by erosion and weathering.

Animal and Plant adaptions


Yerba Santa- it has thorns

Soap plant- it has thorns

Sheep Sorrel- holdes a little water

Most of them grow by water to stay cool in the hot sun


Arboreal salamander- lives in the water

Black toad- lives in the water

Western spadefoot- lives in the water

They live in caves or something like that or by water to stay cool