Family Update 8

February 2, 2018

Goodbye January!

As we welcome the start of a new month, we continue to see our 1B friends striving for greatness. They have continued to work hard and are well rested after their trip to Jamaica! Please read below for some quick updates and reminders!

Important Dates and Reminders

Important Dates

  • Friday, February 9: Field Trip to Queens Museum
  • Thursday, February 15: 1B Lice Check
  • Monday, February 19: School Closed - Presidents Day
  • Tuesday, February 20-23: School Closed - Mid-Winter Break
  • Tuesday, February 20-23: Mid-Winter Break Camp
  • Please note that all families with last names beginning in A-M provided classroom supplies in September, and we are now asking families with last names beginning in N-Z to provide classroom supplies in January.

Field Trip to Queens Museum

We are so excited to remind you that we will be going to the Queens Museum of Art on Friday, February 9th! Below are a few important reminders about the trip:

  • We will be leaving the school at 9:30 and returning by 1pm (Chaperones please arrive to school at 9:15am!)
  • We will be traveling via the school bus but please dress your child in comfortable walking shoes
  • We will be having lunch at school upon returning from the trip as per usual.

Please send us an email if you have any questions or concerns!

Valentine's Day in First Grade

For Valentine's day, 1st grade will be focusing on what it means to be a good friend. To show appreciation and care towards each other, we can do things like make cards.

We will be making "mailboxes" out of paper bags in class so that students can exchange notes or goodies that are NOT candy or food (e.g. pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.). If you would like to send something in on the 14th, you must send one in for everyone in the class. We have 27 students and the class list will be emailed out in case you would like to personalize them. Each student will be getting a card and goodie from us so everyone will have something to take home. Thank you for your cooperation in making this Valentine's Day meaningful for our students!



In Reading our friends continue to explore nonfiction text features. As they go through identifying these specific features and finding them in their nonfiction texts, our friends have also been learning about the authors purpose. For example, our friends learned how the Table of Contents is found at the beginning of the book. It tells us what the headings are and what page these topics are on. In order to help our friends figure out the authors purpose, have your child read through a nonfiction book and identify the text features, ask them "what would happen if this (heading, label, map) was not here?"

In Writers Workshop, our friends made a list of topics they felt they were experts on! They were asked to choose one specific topic and identify facts pertaining to that topic. This week our friends will continue to research in order to get more information for their ALL ABOUT BOOKS. We are very excited about this unit! Feel free to research more with your child regarding the topic they chose.


Its Graph Time! Our mathematicians have been hard at work these past two weeks. They learned how to pose their own question, collect the date, graph it, and then analyze the date collected. Through our Problem of the Day , 1B friends would walk in the morning and find a question such as "How do you get to school?" or "What is your favorite fruit" on the board. Once we collected the data, we would graph it together as a class. This week out friends continued analyzing data while also learning the value of each coin and graphing a series of coins (found in Mr.Saunders wallet) on a bar and picture graph. One way to support your child at home is to have him/her pose a question and ask different relatives for their answers. Once they receive the information, they can graph it by using tally marks or coloring in boxes to make a bar graph. In order to strengthen their recognition of coin and their values, have your child identify the features and even buy something with these coins at a corner store! Next week, we will be starting our unit on learning more efficient strategies in adding and subtracting.


We have wrapped up our inquiry unit on "Homes" and moved on to our new unit of "Maps and Geography". So far, students have brainstormed what they think are maps. We have also explored different types of maps from subway maps to maps of museums, etc. Moving forward, we will be exploring how maps and globes are a tool to help us better understand the world. We will be examining the similarities and differences of maps and globes as well as examine the symbols and features used in them.

Readers Workshop - Nonfiction Unit

Math - Graphing Unit

Maps and Geography

Our Trip To Jamaica!

Check out what our 1B Friends experience was on their trip to Jamaica!!!

Music To Our Ears....

Hello first grade families!

My name is Jacob Kramer, and I’m the music teacher here at Brooklyn Prospect Elementary. I’ve been teaching elementary school music for seven years, and I love adding creativity and imagination into the music learning process. This fall I led first grade classes in a short weekly sing along, but now that we have crossed into the second half of the school year, I’ve begun seeing more of your students. I am now teaching your children two 45-minute music classes per week. These classes will allow us to do more dancing and musical games, and will allow your students to start learning some music notation in a fun and playful context. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!