Williston Schools /October 7, 2020

A Message From The Administration

Common Assessments

by Jacqueline Parks

As we move into the month of October, teachers are starting to administer the first round of common assessments in order to look at student skill levels in reading and mathematics. These common assessments allow teachers to look at the performance of students in order to better meet their instructional needs. As they are given multiple times throughout the school year, they also allow us to look at student growth over time. This is especially important this year as we implement a hybrid system of learning after coming off of a fully remote system last spring.

Most of these common assessments are new for us this year as over the summer a CVSD committee researched options that could be administered in the in-person or remote settings, if needed. At the 1st through 4th grade level, students are taking the IReady Reading Assessment which will give us information about phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension. If a student scores low and we need more information, then a more in-depth reading assessment may be given. In the area of math for students will be taking the Bridges Math Unit Screeners prior to each instructional unit in order for teachers to have a clear understanding of each students’ knowledge base. At the 5th-8th grade levels, all students are taking the STAR Reading and Math assessments three to four times this year. These short, online assessments adapt their level of difficulty based on correct and incorrect answers.

All the data we gather will be analyzed by teachers and then used to plan instruction and to differentiate learning activities. These assessments, along with the ongoing formative and summative assessments that teachers use, will help provide us with a clear picture of student learning.

WCS Reminders:

  • The school day begins at 8:15 am for all 3rd and 4th graders.

  • All 5th-8th graders should arrive no later than 8:20 am

  • If your student is walking or riding their bike, please be sure they check-in at the nearest temperature check location before entering the building.

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October Calendar

for pre-K through grade 8 students:

there IS NO school on Friday, October 9

there IS school on Monday, October 12

First & Second Grades Transition to Four In-Person Days

Now that we have successfully opened schools in the hybrid model, our hope is to incrementally transition elementary students to more in-person school days. Kindergarten started back this week, and we plan to follow with inviting our first and second grade students back to fully in-person 4 day a week with a tentative date of October 19th.

Child Find Notice

Champlain Valley School District is required by federal law to locate, identify and evaluate all children with disabilities. The process of locating, identifying and evaluating children with disabilities is known as child find.

Champlain Valley School District schools conduct Kindergarten screening each spring, but parents may call to make an appointment to discuss their concerns at any time. As the school district of residence, CVSD has the responsibility to identify and provide services to any child with special needs who may require special education and related services in order to access and benefit from public education.

If you have, or know of any CVSD resident who has a child with a disability under the age of 21 or a child who attends a private school located in Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George or Williston, Vermont, we would like to hear from you. Sometimes parents are unaware that special education services are available to their children.

Please contact the School Principal (Charlotte Central School – 425-2771, Hinesburg Community School – 482-2106, Shelburne Community School – 985-3331, Williston Central/Allen Brook Schools – 878-2762) or the Director of Student Support Services, Meagan Roy at 383-1234 or

CVSD Guidance

We hope you find time to review the wealth of information available on our Champlain Valley School District website .

Superintendent's Update (Sept. 25)

CVSD Reporting Dashboard

CVSD COVID-19 Symptomatic and Positive Cases Guide. This can also be found on the Health page of our updated Reopening Site. The guide includes information on when to keep your child home from school, when a test may be needed, what happens when there's a positive test in school, and much more.

What to Expect about Schools Reopening

The guidelines support school programs to stay open and provide a safe, healthy, and fun place for your children to grow, learn, and play. Information for parents can be found at the Health Department's website.

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Dry Clothing Physical Education

Do you like wet feet? I know I don’t. We all know this is a different kind of year. Currently we cannot move actively in the gymnasium due to Covid 19 precautions. That means that Physical Education must be held outdoors in order for the children to be physically active. Often in the morning the grassy areas are wet. Once the ground firms up there won’t be as much worry about wetness from dew or frost, but right now that is an issue. I would like to maximize movement and mask breaks for the children which means we will be going outside. This includes days that are chilly.

If it is raining, we have the use of the tent. On days it is not raining we will be on open field space. This means wet feet (shoes and socks). If your child has a dry pair of socks and shoes to change into they will be much more comfortable for the remainder of the day. As the weather gets colder we will see where we are with Covid 19 precautions. Thanks for helping your child to stay active and comfortable. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Lyn Porter – Allen Brook Physical Education

Allen Brook School Student Attendance

Kindergarten families should contact Laura Gigliotti (, Jodi Blaine ( and your classroom teacher to report absences. We appreciate hearing from you before 8:30.

Grade 1 and 2 student absences should be emailed to,, and the classroom teacher.

For VLA students, please email your teacher and

The ABS office phone is 802-871-6200.

WCS Library News

Enter to win a book by Vermont middle grades author Lindsey Stoddard!

Vermont author Lindsey Stoddard has written several well-reviewed books for middle grades. Her book Just Like Jackie, was on last year's Vermont Middle Grades Book Award list.

Her recent book, Right as Rain, is a Vermont 2020 Book Festival Great Read and Kirkus Best Book of 2019. Vermont students can enter to win one of five signed copies of this book by watching this video interview with author Lindsey Stoddard, and then completing this form:

The survey form will close on October 16.

This book is available to check out on our digital library Sora.

Welcome to CVSD IT Help Desk Portal

Please use this ticket process for technical support. As tickets come in, one of our technicians will be assigned to work that ticket and will reach out to you within 24 hours either by telephone or email.

Virtual Learning Academy Website

click here to access the VLA site

VLA Tips and contacts

Troubleshooting your Device:

When questions arise about the device you are using (won't start, camera doesn't work, etc.), please fill out this Helpdesk Form and someone will be in touch with you soon. Please do NOT directly email anyone in IT to request help as the department all works together and uses the Helpdesk system to respond to requests and needs.

Troubleshooting Digital Tools & Resources:

When questions arise with the accounts you are using (Google, IXL, Seesaw, and others), please reach out by email to Tim O'Leary, Virtual Learning Academy's Digital Learning Leader:

Williston Families As Partners (FAP)

Williston Families As Partners (FAP), Williston’s “PTA” organization, provides a forum for parents, teachers, administrators, and community members to actively discuss activities, events, and programs in the Williston schools. The participation of teachers and administration differentiates our FAP from a typical PTO/PTA and helps further promote our children’s health, well-being, and educational success.


FAP Rep duties vary from house to house, but here are some of the most common activities and functions (an FAP Rep won’t necessarily do all of the things listed);

Liaison between the teaching staff and parents

Inviting interested parents to attend monthly FAPAC meetings

Serving on various FAPAC sub-committees


FAP Advisory Council Monthly Meeting, held remotely

Communicating with House parents and teachers (approximately 1 hr/month)

Four Winds

We would like to continue the Four Winds partnership and encourage scientific learning and hands-on, outdoor exploration whether you are learning in the classroom or remotely.

The theme for the year is Structure and Function. Our focus for the month of September is Spiders.

We have put together an amazing Google Slides Spider Presentation with fun facts, diagrams, photos, activities, and even a video of the beloved puppet show!

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to email, visit our website, or share your findings and photos on our Padlet.

Deb & Amanda

Your Four Winds Williston Coordinators

Link to Spider Presentation

Link to Padlet for Uploading Photos



What Families can Expect When a Student is Sick

Symptoms such as cough, runny nose, and upset stomach can be caused by many different germs or health conditions. This fact sheet from the VT Dept. of Health can help you prepare in case your child gets sick.


Parents will be asked to certify that each day they will take their child’s temperature, monitor their health, and NOT send them to school if any of these are true.

All students will have their temperature taken prior to entering the building.

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ABS Arrival and Dismissal Time

Students being driven to ABS in the mornings can now arrive between 8:00 to 8:15 am (all grades). Walkers are welcome as early as 7:40, when the buses are arriving. Click here for full document.

School Meals

We are excited to be able to serve your children hot food at school once again as well as continue to offer grab and go and delivery of meals for those students who are learning remotely. CVSD will be able to continue to offer free meals for all children 18 years of age and younger as we start school.

If you feel you may be eligible for meal benefits, please fill out this online form and submit it to the school. You will be notified if you qualify for free or reduced priced meals. Even though meals are currently free for all, this is likely to change later in the fall. Also, this information is used to determine the amount of federal assistance the school receives each year to support learning. If your situation changes you can apply at any time.

If your student has special dietary requirements please let us know. We will be happy to make reasonable accommodations (prepare a vegetarian version, substitute gluten free grain, bread or crust, soy milk or offer an alternate meal) to make sure they can have something nutritious and delicious to eat.

October Menu

Remote Learning Days Meals

Our distribution days for meals for remote learning days will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On Monday each child will receive 2 breakfast meals and 2 lunch meals. (4 Meals)

On Wednesday each child will receive 1 breakfast meal and 1 lunch meal (2 Meals)
On Thursday each child will receive 2 breakfast meals and 2 lunch meals. (4 Meals)

Williston Remote Meals:

Please only sign up on these forms for the days your students will need meals at home. You can come to your school to pick up meals between 10-10:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can also request delivery of meals on the form and we will deliver meals to your home. By requesting this option, you are giving us permission to deliver meals to your home. Please place a cooler near your front door for us to place the meals in to keep them safe and cold. Some items will need to be reheated at home. The instructions will be on the labels.

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Access to School Buildings

Access to the school buildings this year is by appointment only for contract tracing reasons, please contact the person you would like to meet with to schedule an appointment.
Student and Family Emotional Support

School Counselors offer tips and suggestions to help maintain emotional well being.

School Handbook

The school handbook has been updated for 2019-2020