Friday coffee chat!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Friday ladies!
I have missed chatting with all of you! Hopefully by now you are seen/heard some of the SCOOPLA from HOOPLA :) The conference in Orlando was incredible. It included learning about new product and training, making new friends, seeing old friends and getting inspired to dream big! Stella & Dot is a special group! There is an incredible quote that reads "Girls compete against each other and women empower each other." That quote resonated in my head the entire time in Florida. I feel EMPOWERED! I was blessed to have so many of you there with me and missed those who couldn't make it!

I have been back in Pennsylvania this past week getting my head around my action plan for the next 6 months about what I want for me and for us. Twice a year, I re-evaluate my Stella & Dot goals. I do this exercise every January (when the rest of the world is making their new year's resolutions) and every July (after Hoopla).

I'd love to help any of you looking to build your own action plan for the remaining part of 2014. Just email me at and we will set-up a 15-30 minute call to work through your plan.


PS-- You are already receiving a weekly training calendar from the Home office, various weekly newsletters/communications from our uplines and possibly oodles of notifications from the various Facebook groups. This is my weekly newsletter for our specific team! Let's jump into some fun and inspiring things that I wanted to share!
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Next steps!

I love when there is a new line change! There is SO much excitement and SO many easy reasons to reach out to customers! That is my # 1 goal for the rest of this month. Book, book, book!

What to fill your calendar? Book!
What to fill your pipeline with more leads? Book!
Want to sponsor? Book to meet your future stylist!
Want to earn more? Book!

It all comes down to the trunk show!

Here is what I am doing!

1- Building my list of who to contact
2- Warming her up
3- Calling her to connect


I am referring back to my who do you know list. If you don't have one, now is a good time to start. I add past customers, past hostesses, top purchasers, friends, family-- you name it! See the hostess list below! I reach out to women who I met this time last year and cold/warm leads from past shows. I contact women who I think would enjoy entertaining in the summer. I contact women who have expressed interested in the engravable necklaces-- both gals who have already bought one and women who would like to get one for free. DIG DEEP to build this list!

I warm up contacts in many ways. Some ladies, I will mail a full look book or mini look book. MOST women, I will shoot over a quick email or FB message (it's faster and cheaper :)

Here are some examples of what I am writing:

WARM/HOT LEAD—quick email..

Hey Emily!! I’m just back from FL where I saw our new FALL collection. It’s stunning. You are going to love it. A new Fall LB is on the way to you! And I'll follow-up soon about a show - fun fun! Can't wait to hear what your favorite is!! Talk soon! xo Gina" (attached 2 photos from Fall and link to my site with new line!)

COLD LEAD—via email:

Hi Emily! I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer! Stella & Dot’s brand new collection launched this week and my new samples are already at my house! I am having a hard time picking my new favorites--- our new charm bracelets and the Bond Street tote are high on my list! I would love to hear what you like (add website link). I am looking for ladies to help me debut the new line and thought of you. When we met at Robin's show this spring, you mentioned that a Thursday or Sunday could maybe work for hosting your own show this summer. Think you'd be interested? Our July/August hostesses can earn a free engravable necklace when hosting. Some dates options are Thurs 7/31, Sun 8/3 or Thurs 8/7. I’ll check in later this week to see what you think. Best, Gina (attached 2 photos from Fall and link to my site with new line!)

Open up your calendar and WRITE down when you are making these follow-up calls. It keeps me accountable when I do this! During my check in call, I will start off saying that I was checking in to see if she got my email and ask if she has any favorites. I usually tell her that I am still ordering samples and would love to get her opinion. From there, I say how I am looking for some debut hostesses and would love to set a fun summer show with her.

Not sure how to close the deal? Here is a great video in SDU on the Confident Close:
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And for every NEW show you book!

You get a raffle ticket for every new show booked starting today through Thurs 7/31!

  • 3 tickets for July!
  • 2 tickets for August!
  • 1 ticket for any Fall show!

Somehow I accidentally ordered 2 of this beauty by accident!

Capri Pouch - Metallic Geo Chevron

So one will be gifted to one of you! Winner announced Friday August 1st! Post your new bookings on our Team FB page or email me your new date!
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I had the honor of being asked to present at Hoopla to a room of women wanting to promote to Star stylists, as well as build Star Stylists on their team. I was asked to feature "MY STORY" and truthfully, my entire story was about YOU!! Whether you have sold 1 bracelet and hold shows every week, you are a part of this team and I appreciate each and every one of you!

An astounding statistic was shared about our team. My 2nd and 3rd lines have grown by 78% since last hoopla. This number does not include anyone whom I have personally sponsored! It includes only YOU and I couldn't be prouder that we are all sharing the gift of Stella & Dot and growing our businesses. I am a proud Stella mama! So from the bottom of my heart again, thank you!

Finally some Hoopla favorite snaps!

Reach out to me with any questions! xo, Gina

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