The French and Indian War

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What is this, French and Indian war?

The French and War (sometimes called the seven year long war) was fought for ownership of land. The French and Indian war involved Austria, England, France, Great Britain, Prussia, and Sweden. Sweden, Austria, and France were allied to destroy the rising power of Fredrick the Great, King of Prussia. Europe and France were also at war inside the colonies. They fought for ownership of land in North America, the Caribbean, and in India.
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Outcome of the war?

The battle between Europe and France in North America ended with France's surrender. The war was officially ended in 1963 when the treaty of Paris was Signed. The Treaty of Paris along with the treaty of Hubertusburg terminated the Seven Year war. The Treaty of Hubertusburg was signed 15 of February 1763.


The French and Indian War went from 1754 to 1763.