MPS Professional Development

May 20, 2019

MPS Summer Professional Development: Integrating Technology

Check out Melrose Public Schools Summer Professional Development schedule for the summer of 2019 for the opportunities to learn more about integrating technology into the classroom. There are two ways to register for the offerings:

  1. Register via Aspen using the directions at the end of this document.

  2. For those without access to Aspen, use the registration form at the end of the document and email to or send via interschool mail.

Please use either method to register.

If you have any questions about any of the offerings please contact me at I look forward to seeing you all this summer at some of these offerings.

MPS Summer Professional Development Sessions

Included in this document are titles, descriptions, and dates of this summer’s professional development offerings. Register via Aspen using the directions at the end of the document.

Google Apps for Littles: Believe the Can

Are Littles ‘big enough’ to use technology in the classroom? Yes! Pre-K and elementary school-aged children are naturally curious about the world around them. In Google Apps for Littles, participants will explore a wealth of innovative ways to integrate digital tools in the primary classroom to make learning engaging and relevant for even the youngest of today’s twenty-first-century learners. You will leave with practical ways to approach technology with young learners including:

  • Activities for integrating Google Apps in the primary classroom

  • Easy-to-implement ideas for using G Suite as an educator

  • Exercises that build important skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration

By helping them understand how to use these amazing digital tools to learn and create, rather than just consume information, you are equipping them for their future education. Empower your Littles with experiences that place learning at their fingertips!

Date: Monday, June 17th 8 AM - 3 PM

Location: Second Floor Project Room, MVMMS

Audience: K-2 Educators

Facilitator: Melanie Acevedo, Digital Literacy Teacher

PDPs: 6 PDPs

All participants will receive a copy of the book Google Apps for Littles.

Assistive Technology to Support All Students

Get hands on and apply Google Apps for Education and other extensions to support students in accessing the curriculum in reading, writing, math, and across all content areas.

Date: Thursday, June 20th 8 AM - 3 PM

Location: Second Floor Project Room, MVMMS

Audience: K-12 Educators

Facilitator: Karen M. Waddill M.A. CCC-SLP ATP

6 PDPs

Top Tech Tools for SEI

Tech Tools researched in this course will be both Google and non-Google resources - all with the goal of creating an effective and fun learning platform for English Language Learners. Each session will include a short reading, and an exploration of two or more Tech Tools that will help you accommodate the needs of ELL and ESL students in your classroom. Also, as part of each session, participants will be asked to contribute to a collaborative discussion with colleagues. They will also be required to apply their learning via a product that will be shared amongst the group.

Dates: Monday, July 1st - Friday, August 23rd

Location: Online

Audience: Grades 3 -12 Educators

Facilitator: Josh Cristiano, Academic Facilitator

PDPs: 5 PDPs

Top Tech Tools for Students with Disabilities

This workshop directly fulfills the current DESE Individual Professional Development plan requirement of 15 PDPs related to strategies for effective schooling for students with disabilities and instruction of students with diverse learning styles. Participants will explore a variety of tools and strategies to reach every learner. We will explore readily available technologies which promote independence and success for students with reading and reading comprehension challenges, written expression challenges and executive function challenges. Tools include the Google Suite as well as numerous free and low-cost online multimedia resources for inclusive practices.

Dates: Monday, July 1st - Friday, August 23rd

Location: Online

Audience: Grades 3 -12 Educators

Facilitator: Josh Cristiano, Academic Facilitator

PDPs: 10 PDPs

Computational Thinking: Creating Problem Solvers

Mold the students of today into the problem solvers and critical thinkers of tomorrow. This course provides a snapshot of the Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science Frameworks Computational Thinking strand and its related standards. It will supply you with a variety of creative ways to weave these standards into your teaching. We will use elements of technology and social media throughout the workshop to integrate key computational thinking concepts into students’ daily lives.

In this online workshop, participants will deep dive into the Computational Thinking strand of the MA DLCS frameworks for grades 3-5.

Session 1: Abstraction & Algorithms

Session 2: Data

Session 3: Programming & Development

Session 4: Modeling & Simulation

Audience: Grades 3 - 5 Teachers

Facilitator: Melanie Acevedo, Digital Literacy Teacher

Location: Online

Dates: Monday, July 1st - Wednesday, July 31st

PDPs: 5 PDPs

Blended Learning: Create your own Personalized Learning Environment

In this online course, you will have the opportunity to build new lessons or transform your current lessons using the core features of blended and personalized learning. Each week we will take a deep dive into one core feature of BPL and create or adjust our lessons as we go. In the initial session, we will gain a broad overview into BPL. In week 2, we will try out different tools and techniques to integrate digital content. In week 3, participants will learn simple strategies to use data to target instruction. Week 4 features tips to build student ownership in a self paced classroom. By the final week, participants will pull all of their learning together to create a personalized learning experience for students.

Audience: Grades 3 - 12

Facilitator: Josh Cristiano, Academic Facilitator

Location: Online

Dates: Monday, July 1st - Friday, August 23rd

PDPs: 10 PDPs

Salem State Collaborative

Melrose is a premium member of the Salem State Collaborative. Many of the workshops are free or at low cost. If you wish to use the PDPs for salary credit, use the forms in Aspen to get prior approval.

Technology Survey

The District Technology Committee would appreciate your help by completing a short survey. One of our tasks every year is to implement a yearly technology survey that is meant to assess the implementation of the MPS Technology Plan. The survey also helps inform professional development efforts relating to technology.

We would ask you to take 5 minutes to complete the following survey to help the group's planning. Please use link to take survey or

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