Canadian Teen Obesity

From: Shauna 7H

It Says

"Today's children will be the first generation for some time to have poorer health outcomes and a shorter life expectancy than their parents", said the health committee.

I Say

When I heard this quote, I wasn't surprised that much because of the way the food industry is now. When our parents were our age ( around 13 years old) they didn't have that much of a choice of food but now in the present we have a variety of food to choose from. Since the food industry has provided more than enough food, children would undoubtedly go for the unhealthy food unless they are into healthy food. Now a days junk food are inexpensive because of corn, soy bean, wheat, GMOs etc. and with the allowance the children may get they most probably will be spending it on junk food. Another reason I wasn't surprised was because other than the food being a problem kids aren't having the amount of exercise they need. I think this a huge problem because children have shorter life spam than their parents, and maybe the children might die before their parents even before exploring the world like their parents did.


The actions that I can take toward this, is telling my family and friends about the serious consequences of obesity where the predictions are that in this generation children have shorter life spans than their parents. I'm also hoping that they could in turn tell their friends and family and maybe I would be able to inform many more people about the situation we are now facing to prevent people from becoming more obese. This way, they would be wise about what food they consume and hopefully keep a tab to check if they are getting at least 90 minutes of exercise a day. Another solution that can fix this problem is maybe ensuring that schools provide 90 minutes of exercise for their students in the gym or at any class. We could also make sure that school and children's parents are keeping track of what the students are consuming. The solutions I mentioned can hopefully help us in the present so we would be in a better future.