Your kids are in danger at work

1900 by Ian Luke

Kids are working in unsafe places.

This is a problem because children are forced to work so they can help provide for their family. If their parents were paid more then this wouldn't be such a big problem. Someone stated "the sound of the machines used were deafening and able to crush small hands quickly." Also it said "Breaker boys inhaled great amounts of coal dust damaging their lungs and causing illness." All of these things are really bad and kids shouldn't be working in places like this. One day they will go to work and come back sick or without fingers. Also "Injuries could put workers out of jobs and throw their families into dire poverty." People are trying to work for money, but they get hurt at work and then can't afford anything. This is not how life should be, especially for kids.
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This problem is solved in the future.

There are many child labor laws passed. Also the Fair Labor Standard Act of 1938 set a national minimum wage and and hour standard. It also made sure that kids under sixteen were not allowed to work in mining and manufacturing. All of these things got rid of child labor.