Lord of the Flies

Written by William golding

Theme of the Book

This book is about a group of boys who are stranded on an island. The boys try to get find a way of the deserted island. There's a kid named Ralph who is the leader. Also there is a kid named Piggy who is intelligent and smart. Plus there's a kid named jack who is power hungry like a tyrant

Come and read this book!

This book is known world wide. Everybody in the upper class of authors have heard or read it. So why not you? Most of the kids are reading this spectacular book. So come to your local library and come and check out this amazing book!
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The setting of the story is much like the island seen above.


Everybody likes action or reading

in this world we are all friends and alike. Lots of us like reading or most of us like action. Both of those meanings are alike in this book. If you like reading then you will be happy to read this book I mean we all like reading one way or another. Or you may like action which I also like. So combine action and reading and this is the perfect book.