Callahan's Corner

15th Edition, January 29, 2016


CUDOS to all of you who volunteered your SATURDAY morning to work on the garden area in the courtyard! If any of you haven't made it out there to check out the handiwork, please make sure you do! It looks GREAT and it's about ready for planting. Thanks to KATIE SALGE for writing the grant and getting all the supplies to make this happen!!


Please make sure that you do not have a printer in your classroom that is accessing the wifi. We were told at the beginning of the school year that printers could be connected to our computers, but could not be set up for district wifi. It does mess with the signal as we experienced it yesterday in one hallway. Make sure if you have an air printer that the wifi is turned off AS WELL as the antennae.

Please make sure you are sending students with a NOTE to the nurse. This includes students coming from lunch and specials. They really shouldn't be going from these areas unless they are injured or throwing up. Chances are if they've been all day with their teacher and not needed to go the nurse, they don't really need to go then either.... but IF THEY DO, please send a pass.

If your partner teacher or a teacher on your team has a substitute, please check in with them to see that they have everything they need for the day, especially if it's a last minute sub.


Grades are due for progress reports by 8:00am on February 8th!

VOTERS OATH: NBISD is asking employees to make a commitment to vote in the upcoming primary election as well as the November elections. There is a link to an OATH that came through an Employee e-Blast on January 27th. I've signed it to help our district reach a 75% commitment--HAVE YOU??

I would love for some of you to try out the Google Card boards... I'll spend some time app searching and let you know what I find. The ones I know of already are "Titans of Space" which is a tour of the solar system, "Aquarium VR" which takes a journey under the sea, "Into the Human Body" which explores body systems..... and there are MANY more!!

We are in need of empty milk jugs to use for watering until we get jugs!!

I was ALSO supposed to include information about the 7 plots. There are 7 because we have 7 different grade levels. The plan is for each grade level to be responsible for one plot! Katie has requested donations of a variety of seeds. I'd like to see this worked into your science plans to spend time one day planting, then put some students on a watering schedule. Katie has a contact with the Master Gardeners who is happy to be here the day you plant to guide your class!!


Feb. 1st: OMG!! It's February already??? Only 29 days to Spring Break!

Feb. 2nd: 5th Graders to McNay Art Museum

Feb. 3rd: 100th Day of School!!

Feb. 4th: Individual Spring pictures

Feb. 10th: STUCO meeting 7:15am

Feb. 10th: Fire Drill 10am

Feb. 11th: Let's Rodeo San Antonio!!!

Feb. 11th: Valentine's Dance for KINDER thru 5th Graders!

CLE Cares

Please continue to keep Sabrina in your thoughts and prayers as she struggles through the loss of her mother.