Act 2, Scene 4

By Nanette Mensah

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At the start of Act 2, Scene 4 Mercutio and Benvolio are talking about Romeo and his whereabouts. Earlier that day, Benvolio had gone to the Montague house and found out that Romeo had never returned home last night. While at the Montague house, Benvolio finds a letter that Tybalt sent to the Montague's for Romeo. Because Tybalt couldn't take care of Romeo after seeing him at the Capulet's party, Tybalt decided to challenge Romeo to a fight.

Mercutio says that because Romeo has been hurt by cupid's arrow, that he is in no condition to fight. It turns out that Tybalt is very skilled and one of the best in Verona at fighting. Suddenly, Romeo shows up and Mercutio expresses his anger at Romeo for ditching him and Benvolio at the party. The two boys exchange banter and Mercutio is glad that Romeo is back to being his happy, outgoing self.

Juliet's nurse and her assistant Peter then arrive in search for Romeo. Mercutio, Benvolio and the other boys begin to insult the nurse, calling her fat and ugly. Romeo eventually pulls the nurse aside where she is furious at Mercutio. The two soon finally get down to business, to discuss the wedding. The nurse warns Romeo that if he in any way hurts her, he will have to deal with her.

Romeo and the nurse devise a plan where Juliet will go to the church alone so that she can meet Romeo and they can be married by Friar Lawrence. Then Romeo will climb into Juliet's room with a rope ladder so the couple can confirm the marriage by having sex. The nurse and Romeo confirm the plan and leave.

Song: Secret Love By Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes - Secret Love (Lyrics)


To represent the plot of Act 2, Scene 4 I chose the song Secret Love by Hunter Hayes. In this scene, Romeo and the nurse meet so that they can arrange Romeo and Juliet's wedding. The wedding being performed is the only way Romeo and Juliet will be able to be together. Hunter Hayes sings about how "We get so close but we never touch," which represents Romeo and Juliet's love not being able to happen unless they get married and have sex. Then the song says "Gotta wear this mask for just long enough, To get away from all the eyes that stare us down," which accurately shows how Romeo and Juliet have to hide their love just until they can get married/ have sex in order for their families to not be able to stop them from being together. Overall, the title of the song just represents Romeo and Juliet being star crossed lovers in secret.