Quick Tips to Finding a Job

Easy, Fast, Simple



About you; name, address, telephone #, and/or email address

Education: list your schools in order with name, address, telephone number, also include the name of the diploma you received

Work Record: list any previous jobs, how long you have worked there (months/years), company name with address and telephone number, and why you no longer work there

Work Skills: list all your strengths

Awards, Honors, and Activities: list any that you have received

References: Someone who knows you well, like a mentor, previous employer, teacher, etc. (at least 3-4)

Job Application


-Be neat

-Always print information

-Follow all directions carefully

-Make sure to use your full name (no nicknames)

-Have your resume with you to complete the application accurately and quickly

It will tell the employer:

-How well you follow directions

-What you are like

-You're work experiences

-If the application is neat and complete it shows what kind of worker you are



-Be on time

-Dress appropriately

-Be polite

-Stand until asked to sit

-Look interviewer in the eyes

-Use proper English

-Always tell the truth

-Ask any questions about the company

-Say you'll take a lower paying job at first

-Make sure that the employer knows you are a serious worker and you really want to work for that company



-Chew gum


-Play with you hair, clothes, etc.

-Say bad things about past employers

-Try to hide something