By: Magenta Godfrey


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Cotton comes from a plant ,cotton is a natural fiber.

Advantages - soft, natural breathable,inexpensive

Disadvantages - Can pill easily,has poor elasticity ,will shrink & wrinkle

End uses- can be woven or knitted into fabrics such as velvet, corduroy,flannel, etc. Cotton is also used in fishnets, coffee filters, book binding and archival paper.


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Flax/linen is natural

Advantages - Can last longer because of strength,& can be worn in any type of weather

Disadvantages- Wrinkles and creases easily more expensive.

End uses- Dresses, suits, Jackets, pants, curtains, sheets, etc.


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Wool is natural

Advantages - Durable, absorbent, confortable,

Disadvantages- Expensive, dry clean only

End uses- Boots, carpet, coats , sweaters, blankets

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Silk is manufactured

Advantages- Warm, dries quickly, &strong.

Disadvantages- Expensive, delicate

End uses- Blouses, dresses, ties


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Acetate is manufactured

Advantages- Luxurious ,drapes well,resists mildew

Disadvantages- Dry clean only, weak, heat sensitive

End uses- Blouses, linings, wedding and party attire, upholstery