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October 31, 2019


Delran High School, an inclusive learning community, provides educational opportunities for intellectual development while valuing the importance of cultural diversity and tradition.

A Message from Mr. Finkle!

Happy Halloween and hello November! DHS is in the midst of the playoff season. I would like to congratulate all of our fall teams for their hard work this season. We are very proud of their efforts. Please see Mr. Guidotti's newsflash for all team updates.

The following fall teams are moving forward in the playoffs:

  • The Lady Bears of soccer defeated Middle Township on Tuesday. Come out as they take on the Pinelands at 2 pm today.
  • Congratulations to the football team! They defeated Northern Burlington County High School last Friday to become the 2019 Patriot Division Champions. Stay tuned for their playoff schedule.
  • The boys' soccer team defeated Cedar Creek on Tuesday and will play Pleasantville in the next round on Friday, November 1st at 2 pm in the Bear's Den.

Just a friendly reminder that if your child is sick, you must provide a note from a certified health professional within 5 school days in order for the absence to count as an "Excused Absence". DHS does not accept "umbrella" or "blanket" notes for absence. Notes must state the specific start and end dates. If a note is not provided, the absence will count towards a student's overall number of unexcused absences. See Page 40 of the Student-Parent Handbook for additional details regarding student absences.

Please note that the deadline to register your child for an AP Exam is tomorrow! If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Newman in Guidance or Dr. Danielle Jones. Additional information is posted below.

Our CAP Deadline has been extended until Wednesday, November 6th! In addition, I worked with RCBC and they have agreed to give CAP credit for AP United States History!!! Please speak with your child's counselor, teacher, Ms. Newman, or Dr. Jones should you have any questions.

The first marking period grades will be posted on the Parent Portal on Wednesday, November 6th. Please make sure you are checking on your child's progress and reaching out to teachers or counselors if you have any concerns.

Just a friendly reminder that school will be closed for the NJEA Convention on Thursday, November 7th and Friday, November 8th. Enjoy the long weekend!

You are cordially invited to our Fall Play which will be held on Friday, November 15th and Saturday, November 16th. More information is posted below. We are looking forward to our students' performances!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at or (856) 461-6100 x3005.

2nd Chance Breakfast

Hungry students can’t be their “best selves.” As part of the Sustainable Jersey For Schools Program, the faculty and administrators of DHS overwhelmingly agreed to pilot a “2nd Chance Breakfast” Initiative. This initiative will allow students a second chance to get breakfast between first and second period. In addition to the Cafeteria, there will also be a grab and go-cart set up on the first floor outside the school store. Students will still need their School ID for all purchases.

Congratulations Mrs. Siobhan McVay

The secrecy surrounding the announcements for educators throughout the country, who earned the prestigious PAEMST award, required a great level of organization and shuffling for DHS Chemistry and Science teacher, Siobhan McVay. She was told the news within two weeks of the ceremony, with the details for travel arrangements and locations of events coming the day before the event!

Once there, she was rewarded with professional development, networking, special guest speakers, and many other events that filled her day. In addition, Mrs. McVay was awarded $10,000 for the win. You can read more about Siobhan and the other New Jersey winners (3 from Burlington County) at:

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DHS Calendar of Events

  • 11/1 Testing Schedule
  • 11/1 End of Qtr. 1
  • 11/2 SAT
  • 11/2 Detention
  • 11/4 Qtr. 2 Begins
  • 11/5 NHS Induction Ceremony, 6:30 pm
  • 11/6 Qtr. 1 Grades on Portal
  • 11/7 School Closed - NJEA Convention
  • 11/8 School Closed - NJEA Convention
  • 11/12 PTA Meeting, 7 pm
  • 11/14 Principal's List Breakfast
  • 11/15 Bear 1
  • 11/15 Fall Play, 8 pm
  • 11/16 Detention
  • 11/16 Fall Play, 8 pm
  • 11/18 BOE Mtg., DHS, 7:30 pm
  • 11/21 Financial Aid Night, 6:30 pm
  • 11/22 Activity 2 - Blood Drive Assembly
  • 11/26 NHS Volleyball Tournament, 6:30 pm
  • 11/27 Early Dismissal, 12 pm
  • 11/28 School Closed - Happy Thanksgiving
  • 11/29 School Closed


DHS Achieves Sustainability Certification

Delran High School has met the rigorous requirements to achieve Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification. This school forms part of a group of 108 schools that achieved the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification in 2019.

Sustainable Jersey for Schools, a program for pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade public schools in New Jersey, is voluntary, but achieving certification takes commitment and collaborative effort. Each school that is certified at the bronze level must submit documentation to show it has completed a balanced portfolio of the program’s sustainability actions, attaining a minimum of 150 points. This year, ten schools achieved certification at the more advanced silver level which requires a minimum of 350 points of sustainability actions.

Review the complete list of schools that achieved certification in 2019: 2019 Sustainable Jersey for Schools Certified Schools. Currently, a total of 872 schools and 337 school districts are participating in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program overall.

“I commend the teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and students for their hard work and dedication—it’s truly paying off,” said Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey. “The 2019 schools that have achieved Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification are leading the way to a more sustainable New Jersey. I’ve seen time and again, when schools and our young people are given direction and support, they’re powerful catalysts for change. Becoming certified with Sustainable Jersey for Schools is a significant achievement.”

To date, 5,079 sustainability actions were completed by schools and districts participating in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program - from performing energy audits and boosting recycling efforts to integrating sustainability into student learning and promoting student and staff wellness.

“Sustainable schools provide a healthy environment, conserve resources and improve the well-being of the community,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) executive director. “Attaining certification is a significant accomplishment that reflects the leadership of the boards of education and their superintendents, as well as the contributions of principals, teachers, education support professionals and parents in this effort.” On October 22, 2019, the certified schools and their districts will be celebrated at a reception held during NJSBA Workshop 2019 in Atlantic City.

About Sustainable Jersey for Schools

Sustainable Jersey for Schools is a certification program for public schools in New Jersey. It was launched by Sustainable Jersey, an organization that provides tools, training and financial incentives to support and reward municipalities and schools as they pursue sustainability programs. To date, 336 school districts and 872 schools are participating in the program. The full list of participating and certified schools and school districts is available: Participating Districts and Schools. Sustainable Jersey for Schools has awarded over $1.8 million in grants to schools and school districts. In 2019, Sustainable Jersey is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a year-long campaign that will include special events to educate and engage the Sustainable Jersey community and create a vision for the future.

Sustainable Jersey for Schools is underwritten by the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA), the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Clean Energy Program, The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the PSEG Foundation and the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). The 2019 Sustainable Jersey for Schools grants program is underwritten by the PSEG Foundation, NJEA and the Gardinier Environmental Fund. Platinum and founding sponsors are South Jersey Gas and New Jersey Natural Gas. The gold and founding sponsor is NJM Insurance Group. The silver sponsor is Investors Bank. The bronze sponsors are BioShine, Gabel Associates, Maschio’s Food Service Inc., Jersey Central Power & Light and Schneider Electric.

Program partners include: NJSBA, NJEA, New Jersey Association of School Administrators (NJASA), New Jersey Association of School Business Officials (NJASBO), New Jersey Parent Teacher Association (NJPTA), New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA), New Jersey School Buildings and Grounds Association (NJSBGA) and The Sustainability Institute at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).





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International Club Celebrates Diwali

The International Club had a successful meeting during which we celebrated Diwali. Students from India brought in and made Samosas, an Indian pastry filled with spicy potatoes and peas, and we discussed the Festival of Lights, wished everyone a Happy New Year in Punjabi, and watched a video about the holiday. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 5th, when we will celebrate Turkish culture by highlighting Remembrance Day (October 29th) and enjoy some Turkish Delight and Baklava. Below are photos from our Diwali celebration.

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AP Exam(s) Registration and Payment Deadline

Delran High School will be administering AP Exams in May 2020. One of the major changes to the AP Exam this school year is the requirement of fall registration. Your child has to be decisive about what AP exam(s) he/she will take this Spring. He/she must retrieve and complete the “AP Test Registration Form” from an AP teacher. On this form, your child will list the desired AP exam(s) he/she wants to take. Please give your child a single check for the correct amount for the desired AP exam(s) payable to “DHS Special Funds.” Please have your child deliver the “AP Test Registration Form” and check to Mrs. Newman in the Guidance Office by November 1, 2019.

If you have any questions regarding AP exam registration or payment, please contact Ms. Kitty Newman in Guidance or Dr. Danielle Jones as soon as possible.

Here are the following AP exam fees to consider:

  • Standard exam fee: $94.00 per exam

  • Reduced exam fee for eligible students: $53.00 per exam

  • Unused/canceled exam fee: $40.00 per exam

  • Late order fee btw. Nov. 16, 2019 and Mar. 13, 2020: $40.00 per exam (in addition to the base exam fee)

  • Late-testing fee: $40.00 per exam (in addition to the base exam fee) (Note: Contact Dr. Jones for excusable reasons when a late fee isn’t incurred for late-testing)

Qtr. 1 Grades on Portal

Quarter 1 grades will be posted on the Parent Portal on Wednesday, November 6th. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher(s), Guidance Counselor or Assistant Principal.

Diversity Day Featuring Javier Sanchez

On Wednesday, November 6th, our Diversity Day presenter is Javier Sanchez from Youth to Youth International.

Javier Sanchez is a product of effective, cutting edge, youth leadership programming and now wants every young person he comes in contact with to have the same opportunity to experience life to the fullest that he has had.

His challenge to audiences is simple yet potentially life-changing; Smile, be thankful and leave people better than how you found them. As an author, performer, and filmmaker, Javier has the opportunity to deliver life building messages to both youth and adults while keeping them entertained through comedy, spoken word poetry, and powerful stories from his own life.

Javier’s experience and expertise in effective student and community engagement/empowerment comes from his work with the Youth to Youth International Program both in the United States and abroad.

DHS Fall Play

The Delran High School Players are hard at work rehearsing the fall play Twelve Angry Women, the female version of the always popular drama Twelve Angry Men. The members of a jury are deliberating the verdict in the case of a young man accused of murdering his father. If he is found guilty, he gets the electric chair, and the verdict must be unanimous. As the women deliberate, they also fight with each other, disagree about the facts of the case, question the witness testimony, reenact the crime, reexamine the evidence, and eventually arrive at a verdict that's anything but certain. Starring Nafisah Dozier, Melek Yilmaz, Kayah Chisholm-McVay, Neve Boudreau, Madison Chafin, Robin Sadowski, Paige Curtis, Kate Swander, Lindsey Merrill, Anastasia Ramsdell, Javera Chaudhry, Julie Brennan, Cole Capriotti, and Reina Caraballo, the performances are Friday and Saturday nights, November 15th and 16th, at 8:00 pm in the PAC. Tickets are $10.00 and will be sold at the door. Come join us for an explosive night of theatre!


Please remind your children that they need to bring their Student ID Cards to school every day. They need their identification cards to print in the library, at the late sign-in desk, in the nurse’s office and to purchase lunch! If your child loses their card, they must obtain another card for a $10.00 fee.

STOPit - Online Reporting Tool

STOPit is an online reporting tool designed to deter and mitigate bullying, cyber abuse, and other inappropriate behaviors, consisting of an app and a back-end incident management system for school administrators.

Our students will have access to the STOPit mobile app, which has two simple but powerful features.

Report can be used by students to report incidents to school contacts anonymously.

Messenger can be used to engage in anonymous two-way communication with school contacts.

Both Report and Messenger empower students to stand up for themselves and for one another. Students have the power to help put an end to harmful and inappropriate behavior they see online through social media and other means. They can use STOPit to reach out for help if they or a peer are facing a personal crisis or experiencing bullying, abuse, or are otherwise in need of assistance. Our goal with STOPit is to create safer, kinder, school communities both online and off.

No student information is needed to use STOPit. The only way personally identifiable information will be accessible through STOPit is if a student voluntarily includes it within the content of a report or message.

Both our school and STOPit are committed to protecting the privacy of student data. STOPit is a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge, spearheaded by the Future of Privacy Forum and the Software & Information Industry Association. You may review STOPit’s Privacy Policy for details, including more information on how anonymous reporting works.

Please note that we will be launching STOPit with a School Assembly tomorrow for Juniors and Seniors and on Monday for Freshmen and Sophomores. At that time, your child will be invited to download the STOPit app from the app store on his or her smartphone at no charge.

More information and resources can be found online at

Missing Shoes from Homecoming Dance

A pair of lady's shoes went missing at the Homecoming Dance. If your daughter accidentally picked up the wrong pair of shoes, please have her return them to the Main Office. Thank you.
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Science & Technology Department

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Fab Lab News

The Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance is hosting a new webpage for all the latest news, events and ways to get involved. Click here to read more about the stories covered below.

On Tuesday, October 29th, delegates from the Zhejiang Department of Education visited Delran High School in Burlington County as part of a sister school program between Kean University, Wenzhou-Kean University, and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education. The Chinese comprehensive school systems realize that they are not doing a good job at building STEM proficient citizens in ALL students. They traveled 21 hours to New Jersey to see Delran, amongst a handful of other programs, that are attending to the needs of the learner of the 21st Century.

The 20 administrators from China’s Zhejiang Province used handheld communication devices to break the language barrier between the Delran’s STEM Ambassadors and themselves. The message below shows that the delegates had very positive feedback about the experience.

On the same day, over 50 teachers from Delran Township Schools participate in the Delran Innovation & Fabrication Lab Vinyl Cutting Workshop. In collaboration with the Delran Education Association, who provided refreshments and materials, teachers were encouraged to “green” their event by bringing their own water bottles to create a sticker.

Once again, the STEM Ambassadors took on the challenge of sharing their love for digital fabrication, reversing roles with their educators, for an opportunity to design in computer-aided design (CAD) and make the stickers with the Roland vinyl cutter. Patience and a learning curve were felt, as the process of creation impacted the educators, in a positive experience by all.

Below Frau Diamond and STEM Ambassador, Scott Porecca, work together to create a German sticker for her room. He is also shown with Mrs. Ruth Feldman, explaining the process of weeding vinyl.

Miss Lindsey Dunham and Mrs. Linda Mason proudly show off their “makes”.

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Back to Eden Garden News

More planning and preparation for the Back to Eden Garden occurred this week, with the help of Support Services and DHS staff, Mr. Aaron Fiordimondo and Mr. Paul Maraldo. The massive space, between the Science wing and the main building, will serve as a permaculture classroom space for the Delran community to enjoy. The space is being established through a generous grant by the Sustainable Jersey for Schools Program, with support by PSEG. To learn more about this opportunity, check out the slideshow created by AP Human Geography students: The Delran Back to Eden Garden

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Green Team News

The Green Team hosted students from Millbridge who walked and planted spinach with some high school horticulture students. The expected harvest will align with the Friday, November 15th “Fitness, Food & Fun Night” at Millbridge.

DHS and DMS Green Teams joined forces at the DMS Green Team sponsored yard sale last weekend. The DHS students hosted a community education table geared toward their goals for the year on pedestrian/bike safety.

The team also started mixing alliums and organic garlic cloves in disposable cups which went on sale on October 26th.

The team was hoping to do a school Clean-up on Tuesday, October 22nd. The rain date will be announced but is set to be between November 4th through November 8th. Listen for announcements.

To join the team, see Mrs. Rubano or Mr. Fiordimondo, or join the Green Team through Google Classroom Code: hrze75u.

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Soles for Souls Collection Drive to Support Athletics

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FAFSA Now Available

The FAFSA is now available. It is never too early to begin the process of applying for financial aid. Every senior and senior family with plans to attend a two-year or four-year college after graduation is encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at Pay attention to the deadlines given by each school where you plan to submit an application.

SAT Crash Course at DHS

Staffs Prep will be offering a SAT Crash Course on Monday, November 18th for Reading and Monday, November 25th for Math in preparation for the December 7th SAT test. The course will be held here at DHS in Room 102 from 6-9 pm. All DHS students will be able to take one course for $95.00 and $175.00 for both courses. To register, please visit Click here for additional information.

Mr. Guidotti's Newsflash

Team Updates

The Girls’ Soccer team was victorious during their NJSIAA First-round matchup on Monday, October 28th against Middle Township. Due to field conditions, the girls played their game on the football field and won by the score of 3-0. The quarterfinals will be held today at Delran High School at 2 pm against Pinelands.

The Boys’ Soccer team defeated Cedar Creek yesterday by a score of 3-0 in front of a big crowd. The conditions were not ideal but the team was able to capitalize on their home field. The next round will be at Delran High School on Friday, November 1st at 2 pm vs Pleasantville.

The Football team defeated Northern Burlington on Friday, October 25th to become the 2019 Patriot Division Champions. The last time a Delran team won the division was 2012. The team showed great heart and earned this important victory. Their next game is away at Princeton High School on Saturday, November 2nd at 2 pm.

The Field Hockey team was awarded a bye for the Central Group 2 NJSIAA tournament. The girls had an amazing season, one that they should be very proud of. The girls came together as a group, made great friendships, and improved as the season went along. The Delran community is proud of their efforts and the seniors will be missed dearly.

The Cross-country regular season is over. The teams are waiting to participate in the Central Sectional on Saturday, November 9th at Thompson Park in Jamesburg.

The Girls’ Tennis team finished up their 2019 season with a participation in the BCSL Open at Veteran’s Park in Hamilton. The girls worked hard all season and ended with an 8-10 record. Improvements were made by many and they had fun together.

Unified Soccer Team

Unified Soccer team’s final home game is Friday, November 1st at 3pm on the field next to the DHS cafeteria against Cinnaminson. Come out and support this exciting team as they continue their success. For more information about Unified Sports, click here.

Family ID for Winter Sports

Family ID for Winter 2019-2020 sports is now open for Winter Cheerleading, Basketball, Swimming, Bowling and Wrestling. Do not wait, register your child for a winter sport by using this link. Please use the same email that you used to register your child as a student at Delran High School on FamilyID. Turn in all-new valid physicals as soon as possible so the school physician has a chance to approve them before the season begins. Swimming and Bowling start on Monday, November 11th. Basketball, Wrestling, and Cheerleading begin on Monday, November 25th. Go Bears!!!

Class of 2020 Headquarters

Mandatory Information Needed

Dear Seniors:

Here are the links to submit your senior polls, bios, quote, and teacher polls. You can see a preview of each poll and topics on the pages below, but we are ONLY collecting answers through the Google Form links here. Each form requires you to sign in with your Delran account. If you have any questions about any of these, please see Mr. Austin Martinez, the yearbook Editors-in-Chief Kayla Daly and Natalie Hamlin, or anyone else you know in the yearbook class.

  • Senior Polls - Please include the first and last names of all seniors you want to submit. Avoid nicknames.

  • Senior Bios - All about you!! Include as much or as little as you’d like.

    • Don’t forget to email your baby picture to! Please include your first and last name in the subject line when you send us this picture.

  • Senior Quote - Must be school appropriate. Inappropriate quotes will not be included and you will not have a senior quote in the yearbook. If you’re not sure, ask your English Teacher or Mr. Martinez.

  • Staff/Faculty Polls - Each category is about our staff. Answer with any teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, etc.

Alumni Walk Information

We are paving the way to celebrate Bear Pride! We are very hopeful this year’s Senior Class will buy a brick and cast their permanent legacy on DHS. It looks like we have established a new tradition of not only allowing a platform for individuals but also each graduating class as a whole, to leave their mark. Please consider purchasing a brick in order to pave the entire walkway. Click HERE for more information. All order are due by Sunday, March 1, 2020.

Order Your Yearbook

The 2020 “Spirit” yearbook is on sale now. Take advantage of the Back to School Sales Special: Purchase the regularly priced book at $80.00, add on name embossing for $7.00 and you will get 4FREE icons embossed on your child’s cover. This special offer ends on Friday, October 25th. So go to and order now.

Senior Calendar of Events

  • 11/21 Financial Aid Night, 6:30pm
  • 12/6 Second Senior Trip Payment Due
  • 1/9 Third Senior Trip Payment Due
  • 2/12 Cap & Gown Measurements, 6pm
  • 2/12 Senior Trip Parent Mtg., 7pm
  • 2/21 Senior Trip Medical Forms Due to the Main Office
  • 3/9 Senior Trip Luggage Check, 6-7pm
  • 3/10-3/14 Senior Trip
  • 3/20 Senior Big Picture Outdoors, 845am
  • 4/3 Prom Fashion Show
  • 5/6 Mr. Delran Contest, 6:30pm
  • 5/7 Academic Awards Evening, 6:30pm
  • 5/29 Junior/Senior Prom
  • 6/2 Senior Night, 6pm
  • 6/4 Scholarship Night, 6:30pm
  • 6/18 Graduation Rehearsal, 12pm
  • 6/19 Graduation Rehearsal, 9am
  • 6/19 Graduation, 7pm
  • 6/19 Project Graduation, 9:30pm



PTA Reflections Contest

This year's Reflections Contest theme is "Look Within". Please encourage your child to participate. Entries for Grades 6-12 are due Monday, November 11, 2019. If you have any questions, please contact Kim O'Connor at Please click here for the Student Information Packet and here for the Entry Form.

Join the PTA

We are encouraging every parent to join the PTA! Membership only costs $5.00 and the money supports your children! Complete the form and send it to the Main Office with your student!

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