Tropical Rainforest


Average temp. in Tropical Rainforest

Average high temp: 93 degrees F [ 34 degrees C]

Average low temp: 68 degrees F [ 20 degrees C]

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Total annual precipitation

annual precipitation: 50 to 260 inches

locations of Tropical Rainforest

they are located in Africa, South America, Southeast asia

Tropical Rainforest animal

Golden Lion Tamarin two adaptions: 1. nails- for retrieval and climbing they are like claws. 2. tails- to help them keep their balance
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Tropical Rain forest plant

One adaptation for the Rafflesia- 1. it has a rotten smell to attract flies to get food.
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Environmental Concerns

People are harming the Tropical Rain forest by hitting down trees.

They are knocking down wood so they can build houses and furniture.

Plant new trees and recycle furniture.

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