Media: changing the world

Sarah Ahmed

Journal #1

Media is being able to use a variety of sources to get information to people.Media can be broken down to two different branches: print (newspaper,etc) and broadcast (TV, email, etc.). The news, people’s email homepage and even Twitter is considered media because it spreads news to people everywhere. Regular media ,to me, is newspapers, TV and email homepages because that has been around forever and social media is different from it. Social media is a branch of regular media because social media allows people to stay connected to people they have not talked to in a long time, etc. However, news companies are using the social media outlets to connect to their audience since social media is so popular and is being used more and more every day. Social media examples are Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat because they are connecting people to other people. Media literacy, to me, is being computer smart. They are people in the world that can use a computer and all of its applications with no problems are media literate, they understand it. I believe students in the twenty-first century need to be media literate because the world is changing to a more technology based society than a traditional based society.New technology is being invented every day and students need to be able to keep up with changes. Media literate people are able to analyze, evaluate and conclude about information that they read and what they see. Older generations are having a hard time to adapt to the new way, they are not media literate, they do not understand it.

Social Media Journal

I accepted and won the no social media for twenty- four hour challenge. The no social media challenge was fairly easy because I do not use social media that much. I just recently got Snapchat in April of 2015. I will admit I was about to open the Snapchat app but I refrained from doing so because of the challenge. I think the reason I finished the challenge because since social media is such a big part of teenager’s lives, I wanted to see if I could do it and break the teenager and social media stereotype. I did not think too much about social media because I had a lot of homework and studying that I needed to do last night. However, if I did not have anything to do, I would have probably lost the challenge. I only go on social media if I am bored and if there is nothing that needs to be done. Since I was not on my phone watching Youtube videos, I found that my battery life was longer than it usually is. I love watching Youtube videos before I go to sleep but I could not so I just read a book instead. I think not being able to watch Youtube videos was the hardest part for me. Honestly, I did not know Youtube was a social media site, I thought it was just a plain, old site. I think social media should not be a big part of teenager’s lives because there is more important stuff than social media.
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Advertisements: Women

In the advertisements that we saw in the presentation on Monday, all the women are portrayed as being weak, helpless and as sexual prizes. The advertisements are telling society that women is a object, not a human being. Also, the advertisements are saying that women are just for looks and that is what we will ever be in life. In the all the advertisements we saw on Monday, men get enjoyment out of hurting women to make them feel powerful. However, men are portrayed in advertisements quite different from men. Men are portrayed as powerful, and strong while women are portrayed as weak.Even male and female actors are portrayed differently, men as powerful and women as sexual. I find all the advertisements disgusting and inhumane. The advertisements had to go through several people for it to be published and none of the people tried to stop it. There was a poster of a about to be gang rape advertised and nobody who looked at it tried to stop it. I made the comment on Monday saying, “It was probably men who was approving the posters.” I thought about what I said and it is true, men really do not see any problem with a women being used as an object or even a prize, they just want to feel powerful. Why cannot women be portrayed as powerful and men portrayed as weak in advertisements? In the old days, women were supposed to stay home and take care of the kids while men were out making the money, that has changed now. Women are making money now and now even some men stay home to take care of the children, women are powerful too! The advertisements need to stop portraying women as helpless and even prizes, but need to start advertising that women are powerful, and human beings.
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Fact Checking

“There have been multiple media reports about Donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia," Cruz said. There has been claims that Donald Trump has been associated with the mob and the mafia and those claims are true. However, there is no concrete evidence that has Trump actually dealing with mob or the mafia. The only thing connecting Trump and the mob together is the mention of Trump Tower from one of the big mob bosses and also that Trump will not release his tax information. Trump says he does not want to release his tax information because it will reveal his real net worth and he does not want anybody to find out about that. Also, Donald Trump is making “mob-style” threats to another republican name John McCain by saying, “[McCain] has to be very careful…..He’ll find out,”(Wolf). That statement from Donald Trump also gives some red flags on who he is actually dealing with business wise and his political life.

Fact-checking is very important when doing a research paper for school or even for a job because people cannot believe everything on the internet is true. Students do not go past the first page on Google when they are doing a research paper because they think after the first page on Google is not true. When a student finds a statement about an iconic figure or even a political figure, the student needs to double check that statement to make sure it is credible.
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Cuban Revolution

Fidel Castro overthrew General Batista in January of 1959 after gathering a new group of rebels in Mexico, and pushing across the island of Cuba in a series of victories. The group group’s guerrilla war tactics were new to Batista’s army, and the tactics eventually led Castro and his revolutionists to victory. The only reason that Castro’s rebellions were so powerful was because he had people who believed in him and his ideas for Cuba, and they wanted to make a change for Cuba. The people of Cuba were angry that Fulgencio Batista overthrew the president and suspended all elections after realizing that his campaign was failing. Castro easily gained supporters at the thought of someone new in Cuba’s office. Castro’s “History Will Absolve Me” speech gained him most of his revolutionary support at home.

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O'Brien: Victim or Villain?

I believe that O'Brien is villain because he is the one that is torturing Winston. O’Brien has the choice to stop torturing Winston but he continues to torture him even though he can see Winston in so much pain, “He felt very cold, he was shaking uncontrollably, his teeth were chattering, the tears were rolling down his cheeks,”(Orwell 250). O’Brien can obviously see that Winston is in pain and he does nothing to stop it. I personally believe that O’Brien’s morals would have taken over and realize that that is enough but he didn’t, he kept going. People have the choice to stop even though if a authority figure tells them to keep going. The authority figure does not control someone else, a person has control over themselves and that is it. People should try to stay human than stay alive, nobody should be broken that they go against their morals.

The class

I enjoyed the Media Literacy course this semester. At the beginning I did not really think I would like it because I do not using eclass but I actually enjoyed it. My views on social media remained the same throughout this semester. However learning more and more about how social media influences and controls people’s lives, social media is harming people. During this semester I got my phone taken away for a week and during that week I went “mad”. I never realized until that week that my phone controlled me that much and it was sickening.I remember earlier this semester, we had a twenty-four no social media and three-fourths of the class failed, thats just sad. People need to focus more on person to person communication rather than person to cell phone communication. I learned that media in general is a powerful resource we have. I knew media was powerful but not this powerful as it is now. In the movie V for Vendetta, V got his idea to the people through media. V’s idea reached everybody just like how our media reaches everybody. In my other language arts classes I took we did not use the computers at all but this class we used them almost everyday. I think it is good that we got use the computers more because the world is shifting to a more technological world and we as students need to learn the “new” way. The traditional way is becoming more obsolete and the new technology way is advancing more and more. I would not really change anything about the class because it was set at a good pace. I really liked the dystopian unit so maybe add more stuff to the unit. Also, I would change the amount of precis we do to one. I did not like writing precis, they were so boring and difficult to write sometimes.

Prince of Ea

Technology was supposed to be used in helping humans grow into a more advanced species instead of stunting what we should be doing. The only thing we can do to stop this problem from going any further is to “go off the grid”. People need to go back in the old days where we did not have cell phones to keep us occupied but where are friends were there with us in person, not in our phones. Also, call a friend to come over and just to hang out and once they come over leave your phone in your room and go somewhere. In general, just stay away from your cell phone. People can control everything from real drug addictions to technology accidictions. All we have to do is just put away all of our technological devices and go do something. It takes twenty-one days to break a habit and yes I know nobody is going to go that long without their phones but you can still call people and that is it. We all have the power to control or even do something, but it is up to the individual to make a difference. I am only going to use social media and technology when it is truly necessary. Our world is becoming a more technology based world but people can still control how they use technology. I think it is good that teachers are teaching us about technology but they should also teach us how to control technology and use it for good not just using it for social media. Overall, technology is a good resource only if we use it the right way. People have technology addictions but it is up to the person to handle their problem. Technology is advancing everyday and it is up to the new generation to enhance the technology is a new way to help the world without getting “addicted” to technology.