Principal's News

Week 4, Term 1

Keep those frogs jumping....

The 'getting to know you' phase continues with our second week of parent meetings. In building relationships with our families, I hope that you have been able to convey your willingness to work hard to ensure that each child in your class produces their best.

A pat on the back from Patrice from Larmenier who was very complimentary of our assembly practices especially for those who need strong boundaries, clear expectations and a moment to switch off from the yard and to become calm before entering the classroom. 10/10 St Augustine's!

Worth watching ... "Kids on Speed" You can catch the 2 episodes already aired on iview and Episode 3 in on Thursday of this week. It is a doco about 5 families with one (or more) children with ADHD or ODD and in one case Autism as well. These are extreme cases however I can see similarities to some of the children and families that attend St A. It gives a perspective of how hard some of these children are to parent and to teach.

As much as I don't feel that I need to say 'thank-you' for attending Mass on the weekend, I would just like to say that we are very lucky to have Franco as our Parish Priest because the demands that he places on us are minimal. He does not interfere with the operation of the school, he doesn't place unreasonable demands on teachers and he doesn't impose his views on RE classes or methodology. He is, in fact, very trusting and respectful of the job that you do. He knows that you work hard because he sees the results at school Masses and other events that he might preside over. Our actions speak very loudly on these special occasions. So, one Mass for the year, I don't need to thank you however I did appreciate your company!

From the handbook.....

Some of the students in my room forgot their excursion/swimming/inter-school sport note signed by a parent, can they still go/watch?

No they can't. If they don't have informed consent from a parent then they need to remain at school. If you have given sufficient time (one week prior to the event) and reminders about getting the note back then it is the child's/parents responsibility to do so. A phone call to the parent on the day is not considered to be sufficient notice and verbal permission is putting you in difficult place if anything goes wrong - you have no protection in a court of law.

We don't take by-standers to any events - they become your responsibility along with those that are participating in the event. Put simply ... no note, no excursion. Students not attending need to be placed in the care of a teacher and remain at school.

Ref:Staff Handbook 2013

Why couldn't the snake talk? He had a frog in his throat!

What else.....

  • Keep talking up our "Cornerstone behaviours"
  • It's newsletter week so if you have anything to add, get it to Christine by Wed morning
  • Thanks for sticking to time for your P/T interviews. It helps everyone when you do
  • P/T interviews - aim for 75% listening, 25% talking - that's why you have 2 ears and only one mouth
  • Watch out for some of our isolates on yard duty - the friendship stop or the sand-pit are great places to look like you are hanging out with others
  • Have a happy week and remain cheerful in your teaching

This week, try to give EVERY child a random compliment that describes positive behaviour