Andrew Jackson

Super Hero or Super Zero?


Spoils system, Trail of Tears, Nullification Crisis, Indian Removal Law. All these things he did were against the law, Mass murder, Home Invasion, Threats to Kill, Genocide, and Torture. What a president.

Trail of Tears? Or Mass Murder?

As we all know the Indian Removal Act signed by Jackson caused the Trail of Tears (forcing the Native Americans off their land). No big deal to you? Oh, well Jackson forced 15,000 people out of their homes. Then , forced them to move across several states to a reservation with over 3,500 people dying along the way that's over one 5th that didn't make it. That means Jackson has, all by himself, murdered 3,500 innocent people.

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Nullification Crisis

Threatening Senators? Jeopardizing Southern Economy? Threatening State Governments with the U.S. army ? What are these things you ask? Things Andrew Jackson did in the Nullification Crisis.

South Carolina's agriculture economy suffered when new tariffs were passed, as did other southern state's. South Carolina took a stand threatening to secede from the union. Jackson's response? To hang the South Carolinan Senator, and to use the army if they didnt pay the tariffs.

No one is above the law, but Andrew Jackson may hang whomever he'd like?

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Spoils System

Sometimes the government can't function properly with qualified people in it. So when you put unqualified people in it, it definitely will not function properly. If Jackson needed to offer government positions for people to support him he shouldn't have been in office. The government had weak points already, it certainly didn't need more.

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King Andrew The First

This cartoon depicts Andrew Jackson of using the veto power to be a king. It also shows him walking on the constitution, because he completed ignored it and had no respect for it.

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Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency - PBS Documentary