Kyle R. Wilson ES

January 2018

Principal's Message

Welcome Back Wilson Students and Families! I hope you had a great winter break with family and friends. We are excited about the rest of the school year and all we have in store for you. Please look out for exciting events from the PTO and our school. Coming this month is our PTO Movie Night on Friday, January 19th. I hope to see you all there!




Felicia Norwood and Gretchen Drzewucki


Parents please do not drop your child off after 9:00 AM in the morning without coming in to sign them in. We will be contacting parents to remind you to sign them in, if this occurs. Thank you for your cooperation.

Car riders- please make sure that you do not pass cars in the car rider line, unless you are going to park in the lot. Please use caution. This can be dangerous for students and parents who are loading and unloading students. We will not have a staff person standing in the street to direct cars. They are outside to support students. Parents please be careful.

Car riders please adhere to the pedestrians crossing in the cross walk.

Parents or someone listed on the emergency cards of Kindergartners must be at the bus stop each day to pick up their students. We are having many Kinders come back each day because no one is at the bus stop.

Please feel free to download the My Bus app so that you can know where your child’s bus is at all times. You can find this app on our website. Of course, you can also contact transportation with your concerns at 571-402-3912.

Cafeteria News

Please make sure that your child has enough funds on their lunch accounts for lunch each week. Remember you have to complete a new lunch application each year. They are located online at or you can get one from the office. You can send in a payment with your child in a sealed envelope that is sent directly to the lunchroom each day or pay online at Please review the new regulation Payment for Charged Food Purchases regulation 460-1, in regards to school lunches on the PWCS website or by scanning the QR code.

More information on lunch menus and payment options can be found at Just a reminder that any student who owes $100

on a lunch bill will be given an alternative lunch according to the regulation. The intent of the new regulation 460-1 is to establish a division-wide process to handle situations when students have unpaid meal charges and delinquent account debt.


Parents new this year is regulation 724-1 Attendance Monitoring and Truancy Intervention. No longer will preapproved absences be excused unless under extraordinary circumstances. Family trips should be scheduled during school holidays and over summer break. Absences for family trips will not be excused unless accompanied by extraordinary circumstances and in no case for any period exceeding five school days without the approval of the Office of Student Services. A determination of whether extraordinary circumstances exist lies in the discretion of the principal, in collaboration with the Office of Student Services. If your child has over 5 days of unexcused absences, a referral will be sent to the Attendance officer for compliance with the compulsory education laws. and delinquent account debt.


Parents please make sure that you have your emergency contact information updated. In case of an early dismissal due to weather we will be contacting those people on the emergency cards. Please sign up for the PWCS App to find out the latest about school closures and delays. Remember if there is a Code Green or Red students stay in the bed. There is no school. For a two hour delay we will open at 10:50am. PWCS will post their closures on the PWCS website and all news channels.


The transfer window for the 2018-2019 school year is upon us. The window is from January 2, 2018 to April 30, 2018 for students in grades 1-8. Transfer requests apply to Prince William County Residents only. We will consider transfers for the following reasons: family relocation, to complete the school year, for designated site programs, child care, SACC, and provisions for PWCS employees. Remember, a transfer must be completed each year a student is not attending their base school. We will be sending out a letter, Transfer Request Form, and Child Care Verification Form to each student that currently attends Wilson on a transfer during the first week in January. Any transfer received after the April 30, 2018 deadline will be denied and an appeal will need to be made directly to student services. Behavior, Attendance and other circumstances may cause for your transfer to be rescinded. The transfer window is from January—April.


There are many coats, sweat jackets and other clothing items in our lost and found. Please remind your child to look for their items. All items will be donated during winter break.

Upcoming Events for January:

January 2nd– School Reopens

January 15th—MLK Day NO School

January 16– PTO meeting at 6:30 pm

January 19th—PTO Movie Night, Doors open at 6:30 pm

January 26th—Half Day Dismissal, Parent Teacher Conference

January 29th—Teacher Workday NO Students

Book of Heroes for December

Kelsey Sedhai/3rd

Dylan Arias/3rd

Lucas Guerra/k

Izzy Roberson

Jake Tipton/K

Calvin Scott Jr/2nd

Esther Sesay/K

Andrew Fowler/K

Makayla Stromann/K

Olivia-Elysse Gallegos/K

Julianna Paz/K

Alyssa Gray/K

Ivy Lofaso / 1st

Dylan Lennon/K

Nathaniel Souza Schware

Corey Reid/K

Rylan Hunt

Breonna Shalawylo/K

Mohamed Makansi/2nd

Darwin Sterling/K

Sirat Khan/5th

Aidan Zepeda/K

Mackenzie Hawkins/3rd

Alexander Deleon Cornando/2

Brandon Griffith /2

Riley Kahn/2

Marqis Cobb/1st

Mia Cruz-Aquino/ 5th

Jia Toland / 2nd

Lindsey Serrano / 2nd

Jayden Bedford / 2nd

Xavier Lucas/K

Makayla Edwards/ 2nd

Gabriel Marsh / 2nd

Baylee Didion / 2nd

Safa Beg/ 2nd

Jackson Chandler/ 2nd

Andrew Abel / 2nd

Angela Barriga ortiz/K

Aden Beg/K

Lesly Garcia Barrera/K

Tivani Mack Brown/K

Josselyn Romero Portillo/K

Erick Sandoval Osoiro/K

Aiden Tolentino/K

Mitchell Woodhead/K

Imani Baig/K

Saghar Raji/K

Ayaan Patel/K

Ryan Yungk/K

Sam Cunningham/K