Eco-friendly Hotels

Hannah Barlow

Luna Lodge in Costa Rica

One hundred percent of the electricity generated for all lighting and all electric outlets throughout the property is produced through Luna Lodge's own hydropower plant, making the property 100 percent energy self-sufficient.

The Colonnade Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts

Installment of low flow consumption toilets reduced the amount of annual water use by 1,125,000 gallons. The adoption of a hotel-wide recycling programs has led to removal of 140 tons of waste from landfills within four years.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji

This resort recycles and uses low energy lighting, and solar panels on the water heaters and does not use and phosphate-based products in the laundry or kitchen.

Hilton Stockholm Slussen in Sweden

All the team members receive sustainability training upon recruitment.

the property has been certified with the Nordic Swan label ( the most stringent environmental certification for hotels). The introduction of waste sorting and recycling into more than 20 fractions in 1996 decreased the quantity of waste sent to landfill by more than 75% in the first two years and reached 90% by 2010.

how hotels nowadays are becoming more Eco-friendly and what they are doing to improve the enviroment through running the hotel.

Each hotel have a different way of helping the enviroment but all are making huge progress in helping the enviroment.