A Christmas Carol

Scrooge's Journey With the Three Ghosts

Stave 1

Ghost of Jacob Marley: dead, scary, see through

Bob Crachitt: nice, friendly, poor

Fred: friendly, jolly, young

Ebenezer Scrooge: old, mean, unhappy

Stave 2

The first ghost looked like a child, but kind of like an old man. He had really long white hair. He had long muscular arms. He wore a tunic with a belt around his waist. His head was made of light. In this stave they went to a school house where kids were playing outside, and then there was a boy, Scrooge, that was inside reading books. Then they go to Fezziwig's Christmas party, which was like a dad to Scrooge and taught him many things. Then they went to like under a tree where he had a girlfriend and she was saying that they were drifting apart and that they were good together when they were poor and now that they are rich they aren't, and that like all Scrooge cares about is his money. He took Scrooge to those places to show how he drove them people away.

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Stave 3

The second ghost wore a green robe, carried a torch, had a beard, and a hairy chest, he aged every time they went somewhere else, he had 2 children under his robe called want and ignorance. In the second stave they went to the Crachitt's where they were celebrating Christmas with what little they had and Tiny Tim was sick. Then they went to his nephew house. There they are celebrating Christmas and all happy and wishing a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Scrooge. The ghost shows him this because some people still care about him, and that since he doesn't treat Bob and pay him right they are suffering from it. They went there because it shows the affect that Scrooge has on certain people and how it is bad on them.
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Stave 4

The ghost from stave 4 was a tall thing that wore a black cloak, and he didn't talk at all. First they went to the streets where people were talking about a man dying and that they would only go if there was a free meal. One on the places that they went was to an alley where people were selling all of Scrooges stuff, but Scrooge didn't notice it was his. Another place they go to is the Crachitt's house, then Scrooges sees that Tiny Tim's chair is open with his crutches by it but no Tiny Tim. And Scrooge realizes that he died. Then they went to Scrooge's house where he was dead on a bed, Scrooge asked who it was, but the ghost said nothing. Then next place they went was to the streets where a couple was happy that the man had died because they were in debt to him, so they didn't have to pay him anymore. The last place they went was to a grave yard. Scrooges asks why they are there and then the ghost points at a grave and Scrooge looks at it. The name on it was Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge breaks down and asks if this is what is going to happen, or if he can change it. The ghost shows him this because he wants to show what will happen if he doesn't change.
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Stave 5

In Stave 5 Scrooge wakes up and jumps around happy and everything. He is happy to be alive and thankful for everything he has. Then he yells out onto the street to a boy and asks what day it is and then the boy says its Christmas day. Then Scrooges asks if the huge turkey is for sale and he says yes, then Scrooge sends the boy to get it and have it delivered to the Crachitt's. Then he went to his nephew's to celebrate and they are all happy that he is there. Then the next day Scrooge goes back to work and then Bob shows up late. He apologizes and says it won't happen again. Then Scrooge says that it is unacceptable and Bob apologizes again and then Scrooge says that Bob should have a raise, and Bob is happy about that. The moral of the story is that it teaches that you can't just be centered around money your whole life or yourself. You have to care about others. You can't just one day wake up and be happy when you've been mean and sad all your life and driven everyone away because they might not accept it. You have to be happy with what you have and the people you have around you. Your money can't buy your happiness.