Principal's Corner

From the Desk of Mrs. Jodi Mulholland


Welcome back from what I hope was a relaxing and enjoyable summer! My summer was spent with family, reading lots of books, seeing Broadway shows, and of course getting ready for the new school year!

Our first day back was smooth sailing (with the exception of a late bus or two)... I hope your children arrived home smiling from ear to ear! Mrs. LaFergola and I saw LOTS of smiles throughout the day.

It's going to be an AWESOME YEAR!

As always, my door remains open,

Jodi Mulholland

School Visitors/Safety - Important Information

As you know, the safety of our students is our #1 concern. When visiting our school, press the buzzer/button. You will be addressed by one of our office administrative assistants and either buzzed into the building once to drop off a lunch, etc. or twice to enter the school.

When entering, please enter individually; do not hold the door for another person.

I realize that in most cases, holding the door is the polite and courteous thing to do, but in order to address each person, we must adhere to this procedure. Bring your driver's license and sign in using our LobbyGuard kiosk. As always, when you do enter, please go directly to the main office.

When picking up your student(s) at dismissal, please park and wait by the cafeteria entrance in the rear of the building. The doors will be opened by 3:25 when staff members are present. Please enter the cafeteria where you will be greeted and asked for identification. Please, please, PLEASE do your best to contact the school before 2:30 PM with any dismissal changes. We understand there are times when this is unavoidable.

Thank you in advance for understanding that our children’s safety is NUMBER 1!

Welcome to our Stonybrook Family!

Paraprofessionals - Geralyn DeLillo, Ellen DeLello, Joe Raschella, MaryAnn Russell

Teachers - Breanne Megna

Cafeteria Playground Aides - Maureen Benicasa, Karen Jameson

And of course, a warm welcome back to Joy Tenga who returns as our School Counselor after spending last year at home following the birth of her second child.

School Bus Safety

"Is my child safe on the school bus?” Every parent has the right to ask this. The answer, according to the Federal Department of Transportation is an emphatic, “Yes.” Statistically the school bus is one of the safest means of transportation around, safer even than the family car. Our school bus drivers do their best to maintain order and ensure a safe trip. But they cannot do the job alone; it takes the cooperation of families and children.

Riding the bus to and from school is a privilege, and if our students are not riding safely, you will be asked to drive your child. Thank you for supporting safe riding! Remember, a safe and enjoyable bus ride makes for a great start to the day. And a great start to the day improves the chances that students will come to school with an open mind ready to learn!