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October 2015

Realtor Marketing Tips: Targeting Your Niche

Once word of mouth marketing efforts are exhausted to grow a business, targeting in on a specific niche provides a competitive edge in many areas of commerce, including real estate. Being a real estate agent requires being a jack of all trades and having knowledge about every area remotely related to the real estate industry. Carving out an area of specialty opens up an avenue to develop more rewarding relationships with specific areas of the community by being the "big fish in a small pond". Not everyone can be the top agent in your town, or the agent who is everything to everyone. Honing in on a niche will provide financial benefits by marketing to an area of specialty, instead of marketing to the masses. Not to mention, realtor piers can shift from a source of competition to a referral source for your new niche. Of course it is always best to pick a niche that you genuinely relate to or you fall into as well.

The following are a few ideas for areas to develop a realty niche:

lifestyle (baby boomers, single moms, college students); type of housing (ranch, colonial, cottage); type of living (city, burbs, lakefront, farm); type of buyers (first time, luxury living, investors, retirees); specific neighborhoods; knowledge/skill based (distressed property specialist, relocation, re-entry from foreclosure); industry specific (bankers, doctors, engineers, teachers); religious groups or affiliations.

See below for a few informative articles on avenues for creating a niche market in real estate and how to create a targeted real estate marketing plan.

Choosing a Niche Real Estate Market:

How to Own Your Niche:

Creating a Target Marketing Plan:

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