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Norfolk Junior High

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Hannah Mills currently lives in Norfolk, NE, where Hannah grew up and had her first jobs as a babysitter and a cashier at Herbergers. She enjoys going out with her comrades from the Junior High School and loves to party. At her high school, Hannah participated in Student Council, volleyball, track, basketball, Speech and Debate, Quiz Bowl, and many other activities.She loves her job as a Social Worker and earned her degree at the University of South Dakota after graduating at Norfolk High School. Hannah Mills is a tall, stretched out woman who enjoys shuffleboard and scrapbooking. Hannah loves when her two daughters paint her nails and do her hair, and she enjoys cleaning up after her two sons and her husband as well. She has many hobbies including photography and artistic creations. Hannah loves to watch movies with her family and eat popcorn. “Adventures are my thing after climbing mountains and bungee jumping; I just can’t wait for my next adventure!” Hannah exclaimed. She is excited to retire soon. Hannah hopes to travel around the world before she gets frail and has a headful of grey hair. After everything she’s been through, she’ll make it.

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Nursery Rhyme

Power Outage on Sesami Street

Last night between the times of 3:30 p.m. and 7:50 a.m., a power outage occurred on Sesami Street on Tuesday, February 5. Officials say the cause of the outage was the fact that too many people were using night lights at the same time. "There wasn't much of a need for night lights last night," speaks Suzanne Wills, " It was a bright night here in Alaska." Suzanne, mom of 12 and another on the way lives here on Sesami Street, Suzanne said she was making dinner when the power shut down. " Making dinner is hard enough for 12 kids when the powers on!" exclaims Mrs. Wills. Officials conclude that other power outages will continue if the night lights remain on. Will the night lights stop on bright nights like last night, or will the fright of a sight such as a powerless night make them? It just might.

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Movie Review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

If you’re in need of a new favorite to add to your movie collection this is definitely the one for you! Based off of the award winning book by Stephen Chbosky, this drama will make you happy, sad, and other emotions all at the same time. It all starts with Charlie, and his first year in high school. He was in the hospital for reasons he does not want to explain. His high school year is terrible until he meets Sam, the girl who he absolutely adores, and Patrick, his best friend. Although obstacles stand in their way, they will make the best out of this year. As long as they can make it through it. The exuberance and beauty of this piece of art will definitely win you over. The movies realistic and relatable situations get your heart pounding. This movie was definitely made for all of your awkwardness and craziness. This movie is overall a masterpiece.

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Argument 2

Argument: The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather than five. Each school day would then be two hours longer. Support your position for/against this issue.

Disagree (not to shorten the school week)

I disagree with this decision. This idea is not healthy for children because the extra two hours of school would decrease the amount of exercise out of school a child would get. There wouldn't be time for after school activities, and with the two hour late dismissal children will not have enough time to do homework due the next day. The children would possibly stay up late to do homework and that causes less sleep for the students. The teachers would also lose time to be with families because the teachers have to stay after school for meetings and detentions. That's why this is not good for children.

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Feature Story/ News Story

Swish! The history of basketball began there. In December of 1891, a Canadian physical education instructor named James Naismith, invented basketball. At Madison Square Garden, in 1934, the first college basketball game was played. The National Basketball League was created in 1937, and the National Basketball Association was founded in 1949 on June 6th. Basketball became a major college sport in the late 1950s. The Basketball Hall of Fame was made in 1959 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Played by both women and men, a basketball game can be played with a number of one to five players. In a professional game, basketball is often played with three or five players on the court at once. Basketball is played with an offense side and a defense side. There are five basic positions, they are, point guard(PG), shooting guard (SG), small forward (SF), power forward (PF), and center (C). Transitions are when players move to and from different positions. Trick plays that are normally played in basketball are cutting, faking, and setting up screens. Errrr! That was the end of the game know as the American Pastime.

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Favorite App: Skype

Skype is a fun and easy app to use. Skype is a free online app that you can use to video chat friends, family, and many other people around the country. I often use skype to video chat with my friends and family to catch up on life. To use Skype all you need is a simple username and password to log into or to create an account. When that step is over, all you need to do is have the name of one of your family or friend’s account, type it in, (or use an address from your contacts) and click the “Call” button. In a few seconds, you’ll be chatting away. When you’re done, just touch the “End” button. Now that you have the justs of Skype, you can Skype the day away.

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Inperational Quote

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