Elections are Underway!

Congratulations on your approval to campaign!

Elections, September 13th - September 15th

We would first like to congratulate you all on being approved to campaign for this year's Community Council election. We hope you are as excited as we are to get started this year! The voting ballot will be posted online at sites.temple.edu/rhatemple at midnight tonight! Your name will be included in your Residence Hall's voting ballot under the primary position you applied for. Our voting process is conducted through Google Forms created for each individual Residence Hall. Every voters TUID is recorded and they will not be allowed to vote more than once. You are all residents and are permitted to enter a vote; however, encouraging residents to vote more than once is considered cheating and candidates will be disqualified from the election

Earning your Vote

Your RDs and RCs will be encouraging your building's residents to vote via email. However, we also suggest you put forth the effort to earn votes from throughout your Residence Hall. In the past, many candidates have gone door to door encouraging residents to vote and providing them with a link to our website. Reaching out to your RAs can also be very beneficial. Get your message out there! Residents will be much more willing to offer you their vote if your message is clear, concise, and optimistic. Tell them some changes you hope to make in your Residence Hall and your plan of action.

Mandatory Fall Workshop

As stated on your application, there is a mandatory RHA Fall Workshop for all elected Council members. This workshop will be held September 20th from 10am-2pm (location is TBA). Here you will learn your elected position from top to bottom. You will have the opportunity to meet the Residence Hall Association Executive Board, your Community Council Advisor, and the elected Council members from every other Residence Hall.

Election Results

The winners for each Residence Hall's Community Council will sent out on September 16th. Have fun and good luck!