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iPhone's are a line of smartphones designed & marketed by Apple Inc, they run Apple's iOS mobile operating system. The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. The purpose of iPhone's being sold was to save Apple's future & go further than the iPod touch they had recently invented. Their goal was to create a multitouch device in which everyone was interested. The iPhone's are different from other phones because they are the only devices with iOS while other phones run with Android, Blackberry, Symbian & Windows. Another thing about the iPhone is they have the longest lasting battery life compared to any other smartphone.


iPhone's are sold online, in phone company's (AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc.) online shopping ad's, or in the Apple Inc. store's. iPhone's are sold online for lower prices & it becomes more convenient. They are also sold in stores to benefit the phone companies finances. The reason they're sold in Apple store's is for their credibility & more higher class people tend to but them there because they feel it's a guaranteed better place to consume the product.
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iPhone 4 - $100 & up.

iPhone 4s - $199 & up.

iPhone 5 - $299 & up.

iPhone 5s - $340 & up.

iPhone 6 - $499 & up.

iPhone 6 plus - $700 & up.


iPhone's are advertised on the Apple commercials & throughout phone company commercials.
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Target Market;

43.1% of ages 18-34 have iPhones, 36.1% of ages 35-54, 20.8% ages 55 or older. Both men & women consume iPhone's. iPhone's are the most popular phone brand, so everyone wants to get one.