Cassidy Sparks

ceramics 1


This is my coil project and I wanted to do a super hero theme so I picked iron mans and for my coil project. I used about 6 coils, and I traced my own hand out of a slab of clay and started adding the coils.I painted it red because thats the same color as iron mans suit and painted the coil part silver because that is the same color as a tip of a bullet.

The Copper Pot

I love the shape of this pot!! It is smooth is some spaces and then has cracks and the bottom has bumps on the base where it look like it was connected. It has come cracks where there where scored together where they needed to be smoothed out. I love the techture of the top of the pot ( the handle) pretty looking detail, very balanced.

The Golden Statue

I love this piece, it is probably one of my favorite pieces. I love the detail from the hair down to the base! Very well balanced standing up even with the stucture behind holding it up.The deatil on this piece is phenomenal!! You can easily see the fingers and toes and the hair grinds, the masculinity with his abs, and the vains in his forarm.
Frosty The Snowman