American teens Lie, cheat, & steal

2 important quotes

Inside the classroom, 64 percent admitted to cheating on at least one test. This quote is important because 64 percent is more than half the class and that could cause problems for the school. 38 percent said that they have cheated on two or more tests. This quote is important because cheating on two or more tests can get you in serious trouble but not just for school but the future of working at a job.

Important vocabulary words

contemporary ethics- the article is about a survey of contemporary ethics Future- this word is important because if students keep cheating and lying, there actions can affect there future. percent- the survey had a percentage of answers satisfied- even though people were doing bad thing such as lying,cheating,and theft, people were satisfied with there personal ethics.

main idea of article people were surveyed

people were surveyed about there actions and attitudes.