By:Preston Kia Stanley

Here is some background information about Portugal!

The world's biggest earthquake happened there in Lisbon and Lisbon has the longest bridge in Europe! It was also a starting place for sailors!Also did you know that Portuguese is a romantic language!

Geography and Travel

The land of Portugal has a total of 1,214 kilometers which would be 754 miles.The only country it shares a border with is Spain which is right next to Portugal.
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Government/Foreign Policy

The form of government for Portugal is the Portuguese Republic. Their current leader today is Aníbal Cavaco Silva. Portugal's type of government is a Republic. Their rights for Portugal is Participation in public life, Right to vote, Right to stand for public office, Political associations and parties, Right to petition and right to popular action, etc. Portugal is also in the United Nations.


The currency for Portugal today is Euros. 1 Euro is equal to 1.11 U.S. Dollars. There exports in Portugal is 63.4B euros and there imports is 74.7B euros! The GDP per capita for Portugal is 21,733.07 U.S.Dollars. There global ranking for economy is 64th

Social and Ethnic Groups

During Portugal's 1974 revolution, the old social order was overthrown, and many of the social elite fled the country. Political parties emerged that promised reforms, and by the late 1970s a number of important changes had occurred. Many workers joined unions, land reforms divided extensive holdings in the countryside, and a variety of industries were nationalized. At the same time, thousands of immigrants from Portugal's former colonies increased the country's cultural and ethnic diversity. Education in Portugal last nine years, taking pupils from the age of six to fifteen.