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What's happening in Room 6?


We are beginning a very important unit in math. We are beginning to learn about place value. We will use place value blocks to understand the difference between digits and numbers. We will build on this knowledge to compare numbers, add double digit numbers and subtract double digit numbers.

To help understand the difference between digits and numbers, we played a game called Pica, Ferme, Nada. It helps build number awareness and it's a fun group game. :)


We are moving onto a story called "A Place to Play". It's about a community that comes together to build a community center for the residents of the neighborhood. We used the story to review sequencing.


This week we are learning about the vowel sounds of "y". We will build words, sort words, and create new words to practice the sounds of "y". We will have our spelling test on Thursday.

Box Tops

Our Boxtop contest ends on February 16th. Thank you for supporting our school!

Mrs. Kristin Otto

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