I & II Timothy Women's Study

Week of September 15th, 2014

A Note From Your Teachers

Hi Ladies,

We had a great evening of study on Monday night as Philis taught about I Timothy 1:1-11. We learned so much from the instruction she provided as well as from one another at our table groups.

We all pray that as you continue to delve into this week's study, you will find yourself enjoying the process of observation, interpretation, and application. Our God is so good to reveal Himself to us, and it is a true joy to study the Scriptures to find out how these words apply to our lives today.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Monday, September 22nd.

Praying for you this week,

Erica, Amy, Philis, and Dianne

Homework for Next Week

Please remember that we will focus on Lesson 2 of I Timothy at our September 22nd class.

Also, we want to make you aware of a possible reference typo on page 24, question #4. Instead of II Timothy 4:14, it should read II Timothy 4:1-4.

Special Notes

A/V Support

Thank you to those who help with A/V! We are still in need of 1 additional A/V support person. If you are interested, please contact Erica at the following email address.



Thank you to our Hospitality and Kiosk volunteers!