Roman Empire

Miranda Walker


My research project is about the Roman Empire. My first topic is about the Punic wars, I learned when the Punic wars started. My second topic is about the Etruscan conquest, I learned that Rome was conquered by Etruscan princes. My third topic is about the Latin aristocracy revolts, I learned that the Latin were crushed. I hope you learn about these topics and about the Roman Empire.

The Punic Wars

Conflict for Mediterranean supplementary which was the punic wars began in 564bc.Two centuries of warfare turned Rome into a whole nation of soldiers. The courage and endurance of Rome were tested to the most in this long and disastrous series of wars. Two military geniuses were among leaders in the wars. With interruptions warfare continued until Carthage was destroyed in 146bc.

The Etruscan Conquest

Not long before 600bc Rome was conquered by Etruscan princes from across the Tiber River. By Servius Tullius,second Etruscan king, a treaty was made with Latin cities that saw Rome as head of all Latium. Trade prospered , by the end of the 6th century Rome became the largest and richest city in all of what is now Italy. Under rule of the Etruscans, Rome grew in importance and power. Early historians said Servius and Tullius built a very big wall around all seven hills and enlarged the city.

The Latin Aristocracy Revolts

Lucius Junius Brutus is to of led a rebellion, it was the Aristocracy against the Tarquin in about 509bc. The Etruscans expelled from city, and Rome became a republic. Romans were aided by twin deities Castor and Pollux in the battle according to the legend. Most despotic rulers in later days of the Roman Empire did not dare call themselves kings. The Latins were crushed, in the famous battle Lake Regales.


By doing this research project I've learned a lot about the Roman Empire. Doing the Punic wars, the Etruscan conquest, and the Aristocracy revolts, I learned the years of when these events in history started and what happened in them.


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