All About Me

Kelsey McClary

Personal Ads

I'm from right outside Charlottesville, Va and was born and raised in the country. My two favorite things in this world are horses and woods! I love hiking, camping, riding, and anything outdoorsy. I went to Washington and Lee university, go Gennies! I got my BA in Biology and Classics. I am part of a 5 person family, my mom, Sarah, my step dad, Chike, and my brother and sister, Zach and Anna. Zach is about to turn 12 and Anna just turned 8! My grandma, Aletha, is also a big part of my life, she lived with us until I was 10. My two best friends are Sean, who just graduated from VMI, and Ellen, who works at the same company I have been at since my freshman year of college! I live downtown with my boyfriend, Clark, we've been together for 2 years and some change and have known each other since 9th grade! He just finished at the Citadel! We live with 2 roommates and our cat and dog.

Why I Want to Teach

I always played teacher as a child and went into undergrad thinking I wanted to teach high school biology, as I love science. After a few experiences in high school classes I wasn't feeling it. I spent some time in kindergarten classes and became a camp counselor for rising kindergarteners and LOVED it, so I decided on teaching younger kids. My undergrad university didn't have an elementary/early childhood program so to grad school I came!

Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!